Fans Are Shocked And Outraged After Wheel Of Fortune Refuses To Award The Prize

If you are a fan of The Wheel of Fortune, chances are you have witnessed some nail-biting moments throughout the years. This particular show is beloved by many for its interactive nature, allowing viewers to participate from the comfort of their own homes. However, it is important to note that the show is not without its imperfections.

Recently, a choir director who is married and hails from California attempted to solve a challenging puzzle in order to win a substantial bonus. The puzzle fell under the category of ‘Living Thing’ and consisted of just two words.Megan, the contestant, was surprised when Pat Sajak revealed a $40,000 prize in the envelope during their interaction. Initially, only two letters were visible in the puzzle, but she uncovered more after selecting additional letters.It appeared that the puzzle was on the verge of being solved, and with just a handful of seconds left, she started making some guesses. As you watch the video below, you can distinctly hear her uttering ‘Pink Orchid’ or a similar phrase when she initially began.Following the online debate, certain individuals claimed that she mentioned “pink orchid” while others argued that she said “something orchid.” Please view the video below and draw your own conclusion.