Every washing machine can dry laundry and most people don’t know about this function

Washing machines are an essential part of our daily lives, but did you know that many modern washing machines have an amazing capability that is often overlooked? We’re talking about the ability of many washing machines to not only wash your laundry, but also dry it. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this often-overlooked feature and how you can use it to save time and energy.

The combination function: washing and drying

Modern washing machines are equipped with a combination function that allows you to not only wash your laundry but also dry it. This feature is particularly useful for people with limited space or for those who do not own a separate dryer machine.

How to use the drying function of your washing machine:

Prepare laundry: Run your laundry through the wash cycle in your machine as usual.
Select Dry Cycle: After the wash cycle is complete, you can select the dry cycle. This is usually present on your machine’s control panel as a separate option.
Adjust Settings: Depending on your washing machine model, you can adjust different settings for the drying cycle, including temperature, drying time, and drying level.
Start the drying cycle: After making the desired settings, start the drying cycle. Your washing machine will now begin drying the laundry.
Advantages of the dry function:

Space saving: Combining washing and drying functions in one machine saves space in your home as you don’t need a separate dryer.
Time-saving: The drying function allows you to wash and dry your laundry in one go, saving time.
Energy efficient: Modern washing machines are often more energy efficient than separate dryers, which can result in lower energy costs.
Notes on using the dry function:

Consider capacity: Make sure your machine has enough space to dry laundry effectively. Do not overload the machine.
Machine Care: Be sure to clean your machine’s filters and exhaust vents regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Suitable materials: The drying function is ideal for cotton and blended fabrics. However, delicate or heat-sensitive fabrics should be hung or air dried.
Overall, using your washing machine’s dry function can be an extremely convenient way to wash and dry your laundry, especially if space is limited or you want to save time.

Check your washing machine’s owner’s manual to learn about your machine’s specific drying options and settings. It’s a feature that can make your life easier if you use it correctly.