A woman noticed a very strange “egg” on the ceiling of her room and asked on Facebook what is that

We all know that anything on the internet can go viral in a very short time, especially when it comes to more unusual news that can be very interesting to other people.

That’s why the picture posted by this woman went viral immediately.

At first glance, it seems that in the picture there is a very bizarre “egg” that hangs from the room’s ceiling.

The woman who posted the photo on social media seemed quite worried and considered that she needed help from an authorized person, that’s why most people who saw the picture had the same feeling and saw the image as something creepy.

Of course, the picture went viral in a short time and everyone shared it on their own profile or on different groups and pages. More and more people were wondering what might actually be in the picture.

The picture was shared with the question: “Does anyone have any idea what that is?”. This is the effect of the internet and sometimes it can be beneficial, sometimes not.

Going viral on the internet is not always the best thing that can happen to you, but sometimes it can be helpful, especially when you have such a question and want to see if anyone has been in your situation before.

The woman who posted the photo had no idea what that might be, nor did she know how long it had been there.

It seems that she saw the “egg” only when she took the picture, so the woman did not know if something could live in it, if it appeared recently or if there are more in the house.

Honestly, it doesn’t look very good and probably most of us would have been quite scared if we had seen this in our house.

Although the post went viral, no one seemed to know exactly what that “egg” might be, but most people thought it might be a package of spider eggs.

That’s why many said there could be a lot of eggs in that thing and the house could be infested. However, all the people gave their opinion.

One person even tried to make a joke by saying that if we had lived billions of years ago he would have said it was definitely a dinosaur egg.

Other people advised to call an authorized person to help, and some even advised the woman to wear a protective suit and sting the “egg” to see what will happen.

Although people had all kinds of answers and options, it was still not known what that thing really was.

When it was found out what it was, everyone was shocked because no one expected such an answer. The father of the woman who posted on Facebook was brave and went to see what was actually there.

It looks like that bizarre “egg” was actually expanding foam used on the house’s roof that had entered the ceiling.