Zombie Angelina Jolie’s” True Look Revealed As She Leaves Jail After Fooling Everyone

It’s been reported than a 19 year old Iranian woman has undergone 50 facial reconstruction surgeries in order to look like celebrity Angelina Jolie. She is said to have lost over 80 pounds in the process as well and the surgeries.

Her name is Sabar Tahar and is it not yet known why she wanted to do this. Multiple reports have claimed that she is 22 years old and others have claimed she is 29 years old.

It was later claimed the woman had distorted the photos in order to gain social media attention and was later jailed for 10 years for doing so.

For those of you who are looking to see the transformation pictures then please check them out below:

1 – She looks perfectly normal to begin with. Like any other normal girl you would not expect she was different.

2 – Even without any makeup on. She looked ordinary. Keep scrolling until the end to see what she looks like at the finish…

3 – But she begins to get work on her nose and things start to look a little different and probably feel a little different for her. She begins to have some sensation on her nose.

4 – Then another operation on her nose to even further her appearance. All this work is costing a lot of financial strain on her.

5 – This is when things get bad and she begins to lose loads of weight. She is almost down to 90 lbs.

6 – She gets even smaller and smaller and people are beginning to get worried about her appearence.

She said she had been cleared of two of the four charges against her, but did not want to comment further because she was still hoping for a pardon. Iranian state TV broadcast her confession in late October last year. Her expressions of remorse drew a great deal of sympathy.

The report described Tabar as “a victim with an abnormal personality and mental state” who sought “vulgarity” on social media. Medical records also suggested that she had a mental illness, with a history of visits to psychiatric hospitals, making the 10-year sentence even less explicable. Her lawyers had asked for her to be bailed, and pointed to her age at the time she committed the alleged offences.

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