Woman Hates Son’s Bride & Wears White on Their Wedding — Son Publicly Humiliates Her the Next Day

Many women dream of wearing the perfect dress on their wedding day. They want to look their best on their big day, which marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The woman in today’s story had similar feelings but was unaware of her mother-in-law’s intentions.

The bride’s father-in-law wrote a detailed post on Reddit, sharing what happened between his wife, the bride, and the groom. He believed his wife deserved whatever bad happened to her during her son’s wedding ceremony.

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The man said his wife, whom he loved the most, was “not a super nice person.” He described her as someone who occasionally bullied others but felt her presence improved his life. The man also shared that his wife did not like her son’s fiancée.

“Her son got married recently, and she hates the bride, no actual reason, just hates her,” the man said. He added that his wife joked that she would wear white to her son’s wedding, but no one knew she was serious about it. Everyone, including the bride, thought she wouldn’t do what she said.

What Happened at the Wedding?

To everyone’s surprise, the woman wore a full-length white dress to her son’s wedding, hoping it would anger the bride. The man said he told his wife what she was doing was terrible, but she didn’t listen. He tried his best to stop her from wearing white, but she did what she wanted.

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When the bride saw her mother-in-law wearing white, she cried. The young girl did not expect her mother-in-law to steal the limelight by wearing white on her big day.

The woman’s intentional act to hurt the bride offended her son too, so he planned to take revenge on his mother the next day. He asked his wife’s nephews to do something that eventually angered the woman.

Since the groom knew how much his mother loved children, he was sure his revenge plan would work. According to his instructions, one of the kids talked to the woman and kept her distracted while the other kid picked up a chocolate cupcake and spread the frosting on her seat.

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Unaware of what the kids had done, the woman sat on her seat and got a brown stain on her dress. Her husband watched everything unfold but didn’t say anything because he felt she deserved it. Moreover, he had warned her before the reception that she might get into trouble for wearing white to her son’s wedding. He added:

“She didn’t notice for hours until my stepson said something before he left.”

How Did the Woman React after Learning about the Stain?

Once the woman learned what her son had done to take revenge, she didn’t feel anger towards him or the children. Instead, she directed her anger towards her husband, telling him he should have taken her side by telling her about the stain.

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After the woman learned about the stain and blamed her husband, the man thought this was the end of the family “drama.” However, he saw something unexpected when he checked his social media accounts the following day.

The woman’s son had posted a photo from his reception where the brown stain on his mother’s clothes was visible. When the woman saw the photo, she blew up at her husband and blamed him for not telling her about it during the event.

Feeling confused, the man shared the story on Reddit to ask other users if he was at fault for allowing his wife to be publicly humiliated at her son’s wedding. Some people thought the man was at fault, while others said the woman deserved to be humiliated after she wore white to her son’s wedding. Meanwhile, others thought both of them were at fault.

One user, “Y T A for not telling the bride and groom she was serious and letting her potentially ruin the wedding, but NTA for letting her embarrass herself. Honestly, she sounds horrible.”

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“You agree that your wife is a mean, son-hating, wedding-spoiling bully. If you’re not, perhaps you should consider whether you two are a good match,” another Redditor suggested in the comments section.

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What do you think? Was the man at fault for allowing his wife to be publicly humiliated? Should he have told her about the stain? We would love to hear your thoughts about this story.