While cleaning the beach with his friends, an 11-year-old receives a wonderful surprise – you’ll never guess what!

Have you ever found something amusing when strolling along a beach or wandering along a mountain road? A rock, an uniquely shaped tree, or perhaps a lovely shell? Well, this little child had a major surprise while working with his friends to clean up a beach.

When he picked up what at first glance appeared to be a peculiar rock, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. If you want to view more photographs, make sure you read the entire story.

It all started during a scuba diving lesson, when Serina, a Taiwanese student, was having a great time with her pals on Ishigaki island. To ensure that no water droplet would penetrate the circuits, she had a waterproof camera that also had a separate protective cover.

Serina saw one of her companions was having trouble with the oxygen tanks as she dove into the depths and she hurried to help her. Serina discovered she had lost her priceless camera in the water’s depths after helping her friend. But it was nothing in comparison to the assurance that her friend was safe and well.

After a few months had passed, some students were cleaning the beach as part of a class assignment. One of the youngsters, an 11-year-old student, was exploring the beach and collecting trash and food scraps when he came across a strange rock in the sand.

The biggest surprise came when they discovered the gadget was still operational at the school after initially believing it to be destroyed. They then looked through the photos to identify the owner so they could reclaim the device.

It had a sufficient battery percentage in addition to that. It managed to survive within the water extremely well, somehow. Serina’s underwater photos caught the attention of the teacher and students, who then posted them online. Guess what? Serina contacted the boys who found her camera after the post appeared in her news feed the next day.

Even though some of the children desired to keep the camera according to the cliché “finders keepers” , Professor Lee said that even if it wasn’t polite to look at someone’s personal photographs, it was done for a valid cause and had to be given back to the owner.

In order to thank the children and retrieve her camera, Serina will fly from Japan to Taiwan. When the professor emailed her images, she was astonished to see them. What a fascinating tale, right? The camera was carried by the waves more than 200 kilometers to a safe shore. Tell your relatives and friends about this story!