Val Kilmer’s kids post pictures, his son looks exactly like him

It is always encouraging to watch our favorite celebs spending time with their families. We also get to witness another side of them as a father once their kids are all grown up.

The lovely Instagram photos of their relationship with their father show that Val Kilmer’s kids adore him.

The renowned 1986 movie’s sequel is titled Top Gun: Maverick. Fans of all ages were ecstatic to see Tom Cruise’s character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell return to the role and get a glimpse inside his life as an accomplished aviator.

However, the surprising announcement that Val Kilmer will also be reprising his legendary role as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky for the film only made thousands of fans even more ecstatic!

The actor’s character appearing on screen meant even more to viewers because of the health challenges he’s been dealing with lately.

Val earlier expressed his excitement to work with Tom Cruise once more to the media, noting that seeing Tom again “was like no time had passed at all.” 

Even while everyone was thrilled to see Val Kilmer return for this long-awaited sequel, there were two people who were probably the most thrilled.

Mercedes and Jack, his children, were present. His daughter uploaded images with captions from the set. “Finally allowed to post these pics from the @topgunmovie set ? Maverick out now !”

She and her brother Jack are wearing pilot caps in the photo, and her brother is sporting his aviator specs. Jack also has a striking resemblance to a young Val Kilmer.

The final image showed a father and daughter cuddling together, perhaps because Mercedes’s father was working on set. It’s wonderful that his daughter and son were able to accompany him to the set and watch him practice his craft.

Jack, his infant kid, resembles his famous father exactly. The similarities are startling!

The last few years have been difficult for Val’s health, and some problems still exist. Although he has been doing well, we wish him good health.

Observing a father’s relationship with his children is always so adorable. Val Kilmer and his family have our best wishes for health!

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