Tiger gives birth to a lifeless cub only to have caretakers astonished when her mother’s instincts kick in

Giving birth is in and of itself a miraculous process. There is never any doubt that welcoming a baby into the world is filled with sincere happiness and excitement, but also a small amount of fear.

Many soon-to-be parents find themselves wondering if everything would work out and if their little bundle of joy would be born healthy. Animals are no different.

A Sumatran tiger at the Australia Zoo gave birth to two cubs, and the incredibly beautiful video of the event was recently shared online.

Sumatran tigers are on the list of endangered species and humans do all in their power to prevent their extinction. Recent figures estimate that the number of these tigers in the wild is around 400 to 600.

This is one of the reasons Australian Zoo caregivers kept a close eye on first-time mother Kaitlyn as she gave birth. They were prepared to intervene if necessary, but it appeared that this mother’s instincts took over as soon as she noticed her firstborn child wasn’t breathing normally.

As the little cub struggled to draw air into his lungs, Kaitlyn began licking him. She licked him, causing him to begin breathing on his own. She persisted even after a few fruitless attempts. Fortunately, the happy little bundle of joy began breathing normally a few seconds later.

For this new mother and her children, everything worked out in the end, despite some difficult beginnings.

We are so glad we got to witness such a miracle ourselves. For more got o the video below.