This woman has the guts to claim that having a stroke and becoming paralyzed from the waist down is the finest thing that has ever happened to her.

This brave woman claims that having a stroke and losing her ability to move below the waist was the best thing that has ever happened to her.

The most upsetting experiences we go through as humans might be heartbreak. We frequently spiral into and out of habits that are detrimental to our own growth. This is why we enjoy reading about extraordinary people who have triumphed over significant obstacles in their lives.

We ant to retell Riona Kelly’s tale today. Her health took a terrible turn for the worse just as her spouse left her, rendering her immobile at the time. She is thankful for everything that occurred, though, since it has led to her thriving in a new relationship.

A double wammy: paralyzed and divorced

Riona Kelly, 39, had a miserable marriage. She was about to file for divorce from her husband. For Riona, things were not looking good, but little did she know that there was still more in store.

She went down the steps and fell in 2015. Logan, her son who was five at the time, heard the thuds and yelled for assistance. She was taken to the hospital urgently, where the staff informed her that she had experienced a rare spinal stroke. This rendered her from the waist down paraplegic.

The news left Riona inconsolable. However, to make matters worse, her husband decided it was the signal to divorce her. Riona had barely been in the hospital for five days before he requested a divorce.

After having a stroke, Riona remarked, “I had to deal with paralysis in addition to losing my companion of 14 years.” “I was absolutely alone after he sought for a divorce. I was informed that it would take me six months to a year to recuperate after spending five days in the hospital.

Riona was fortunate in having one of her close friends come to her aid at this trying period. After my husband abandoned me in the hospital, my friend Sarah took over as my next of kin.

An inspiration to persevere

Riona had to make numerous changes, many of which were quite difficult and would have caused many individuals to give way. But Riona found inspiration to maintain her fortitude in support of her four children (whom she shared with her now ex-husband).

Logan would be 10 years old right now, while Isabella is currently 14. Caleb was 11 when he was now 16. Leighanra, now 21, was 16 years old back then. Riona astounded her medical professionals by taking her first step after being paralyzed just eight weeks after her accident. It wasn’t perfect because she used a bar to keep herself upright, but she wasn’t going to give up.

“I was dragging my body and I had no feeling in my legs but I didn’t care, I was walking and that’s all that mattered,” Riona said. “My consultant was very emotional, he couldn’t believe I had done it with the help of a standing frame.”

Riona left the hospital with the help of the other patients’ encouragement, her determination to be strong for her kids, and her determination to return home. After the accident, four months had passed. But she added, “The other patients on the ward were incredible; I received so much support from them and they encouraged me to get out of bed every day.

She found love again

Riona wanted to start working out to get stronger now that she was back at home. She posted on Facebook asking for a personal trainer. At that point, Kieth entered her life. She hired him to coach her, but their relationship quickly developed. “After our sessions Keith and I stayed in contact, he would ask me how I was getting on and our relationship blossomed from there,” Riona said. “We have now been together for 11 months, the children really like him and I finally feel like I’m living the life I deserve.”

Riona has heard Kieth tell her how much she inspires him every day, yet it seems to be a mutual feeling between them. “Keith says I inspire him, but he encourages me every day and understands and sees the pain that I am in,” she said. “He has been amazing with me and the children and I love him more each and every day.”

Riona went on to add how Kieth is making her stronger every day and enabling her to achieve so much more than what is expected of her by others. She says, “looking back, going through what I did was the best thing to ever happen to me.’