There’s A Job That Pays $130,000 To Change One Lightbulb

Imagine working a job that pays a mind-blowing $130,000 to replace a single, huge lightbulb that is hundreds of feet in the air.

It seems too wonderful to be true, isn’t it? It is true, but there is a catch. People have expressed surprise and skepticism about this unusual and well-paying employment role on social media.

Due to its high-altitude operations, the position of a Tower Climber offers an attractive salary but also calls for steely nerves and physical prowess.

Being a Tower Climber

The actual task entails changing the lightbulbs on signal towers that stand more than 600 meters tall.1 These signal towers differ from regular tall towers in that they are made of metal brackets, which become thinner as you go in altitude. The lack of safety precautions for climbers—who rely exclusively on a rope to keep them safe throughout their perilous ascent—makes this work absolutely amazing.

In the video posted on TikTok by Science8888, the breath-taking climb required to do this crucial work is shown.

Tower Climbing is not for the weak of heart. The main prerequisite for this position is total lack of a fear of heights. It takes about three hours to ascend the 600-meter tower, and the entire journey takes a remarkable six hours.

The job is made even more dangerous by the wind speed at the top of the tower, which is close to 100 km/h. Those who want to pursue this demanding profession need to be in excellent physical shape and have a tight grip to secure their safety during the risky ascent.

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The Tower Climber Salary

While the TikTok video claims that Tower Climbers can earn £100,000 (approximately $130,000) annually, the actual salary can vary depending on factors such as experience and location. According to Field Engineer, entry-level tower climbers with less than a year of experience typically earn around $17 per hour. In theory then, with more experience,  climbers could expect their hourly wages to increase to around $191, but there are no jobs online currently touting those numbers. Several job listings on Jooble corroborate this information, with hourly rates ranging from £16 to £35 ($20 to $44) and some postings offering up to £32 ($40) per hour.

It is important to note that the salary figures mentioned in the TikTok video and other sources may differ due to factors like demand and region-specific pay scales. The scarcity of people willing to undertake this challenging role further highlights its uniqueness and allure.

Debunking Rumors?

Due to the jaw-dropping salary and the extraordinary nature of the job, skepticism has arisen about the legitimacy of the Tower Climber role. However, reputable sources such as Field Engineer and Jooble confirm the existence of this job and its high earning potential. While the TikTok video served as a catalyst for discussion and curiosity, relying on credible sources to validate the information is essential.

The Tower Climber occupation itself is proof of the wide and unexpected array of professional alternatives accessible today. With a possible annual income of $130,000, it attracts the interest of many. But not everyone has the guts and the physical prowess needed for this high-altitude work.

To assure their safety and proficiency in managing such difficult duties, climbers must go through rigorous training and certification processes. Additionally, those looking for secure, full-time employment may not be suited for the job’s intermittent nature, which only requires one day of labor every six months.

On the other side, working as a tower climber offers thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies the chance to combine their love of heights with a well-paid career. Additionally, the profession provides the opportunity to work in distinctive and beautiful environments that are rare to find.


The Tower Climber position serves as an intriguing illustration of how unorthodox jobs can provide lucrative rewards for those who are courageous enough to pursue them. It is certainly an exciting and well-paid opportunity for those who dare to reach tremendous heights for a successful career, even though the income may vary depending on experience and region.

Would you accept the task of replacing a lightbulb while suspended 600 meters in the air in exchange for a generous reward?