As Emily and her husband, Adam was excited for their anniversary date for the night, they wanted to add color to it, as they wanted to role-play for their night. They were going to act as if they were strangers.

As they started to their role-play, they were incredibly having fun, as they felt the electricity, and the flame that sparked their relationship, and created their great bond.

As she wanted to check her makeup, she excused herself. That was a wrong move maybe, since what was going to happen next, was about to affect their celebration.

As she left the restroom, a woman approached to her as she was about to went to her husband’s table. The woman was pointing at her husband, Adam, and said, “I saw you sitting with that man.”

As she was shocked, the woman in front of her stated that five years ago, she was together with Adam, as they were planning a future as a family, together. As the woman continued, she had bought a car, and Adam wanted to put the car in his name, so she did. And Adam left her with that car.

As she was surprised and shocked, she went to Adam, and confronted him about the matter, which Adam was shocked, then revealed the truth, as she wanted to learn, knowing that it might ruin their anniversary and relationship.

Then, Adam admitted his wrongdoings, and the dark past of himself. He confirmed the story of the woman, and admitted that he had a car accident, which he believed that it was karma. He was broke, both physical and financial. As he was on the bottom, he decided to change to a hardworking, honest man, and he truly transformed.

As Adam told his story to his love, he was in tears. He knew he couldn’t change his dark past, but he could change his future, as he did with being a honest, remorseful, and genuinely committed to their relationship.

The role-playing anniversary night, turned into a night of confessing, and facing the horrible past of her husband. The events that unfolded that night, created a deep connection in their relationship, as he revealed the truths, without telling lies to his wife, they had opened a new chapter of commitment in their relationship.

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