The Girl Whose Skin Peels Off | BORN DIFFERENT

A 21-YEAR-OLD girl was born with Lamellar Ichthyosis – a rare genetic condition that causes the skin to crack in dry weather and peel off. Nisha Lobo currently lives with her adoptive parents in Bengaluru, India, and refuses to let her condition impact her life. Nisha told Truly: “I don’t want people to treat me differently. When I go out, most people stare and are scared initially. I don’t want it to affect how they treat me or how they look at me.” Nisha has to ensure her skin is treated and properly maintained. “My skin doesn’t hurt, but I have to take certain measures, even in certain weather conditions I have to make sure to stay hydrated.” Nisha is currently studying and does not let her skin condition take over her life. “My life is good. Right now with studying and with COVID I’ve been at home, but my life is good. My family have been very supportive, they’ve always helped whatever way they can.”

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