The actor who broke hearts is not the same!: Cruise’s aged appearance came as a big disappointment

This is what age and years have done to Tom Cruise! 🧐  The fans were not ready to see what 61-year-old Hollywood actor looks like now! 😦💔

The considerably changed appearance of Tom Cruise let no single one stay indifferent. The way he has aged came as a big surprise for everyone. The fans clearly noticed his deep wrinkles, loose skin and loss of elasticity.

What one of the highest-paid and celebrated actors looks like today left the fans speechless. Those who were madly in love with him now find it hard to recognize the actor. Some even advised him to see a beautician.

His radically changed appearance quickly became the subject of discussions. The actor who stole millions of girls’ hearts is now not the same. The fans claim that nothing from the former heartbreak is left.

Though his present appearance leaves a lot to be desired, the fans don’t cease to acknowledge his incredible talent and professionalism. We should bear in our mind that no one is getting younger.