Son Finds Out His Dad Is Cheating On His Mom – Wonders If He Should Ruin the Family by Telling Her

A son kept a secret that would cause his family to fall apart and posted it on Reddit to indicate how conflicted he felt about managing the circumstance.

The youngster has watched his father take excellent care of his mother and be a wonderful father to him and his brother throughout the 27 years that his parents have been married.

However, he discovered he was having an affair with her after accidently finding a discussion between his father and a woman on Facebook one day.

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When he left for college, he tried to forget how horrifying it was to see his father in that light.

Following the completion of his undergraduate studies, he entered graduate school.

He noticed that even after being gone from home for almost a year, his father was still acting strangely.

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He requested to use his father’s phone and noticed him turn off his data so he wouldn’t receive any notifications. He understood that meant he was concealing something as a 24-year-old man.

What Happens If He Tells His Mother about the Affair?

The son has found himself in a difficult situation. He adored his father and was grateful for all that he had accomplished for him. He also understood that his mother was self-sufficient and independent.

But the 24-year-old did not want to feel responsible for breaking her and ultimately causing divorce by telling her about his father’s infidelity.

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He learned from this experience that a person may be a loving parent and an unfaithful spouse, but no matter how he viewed the issue, it resulted in his family being torn apart.

The son said that because he and his father still had a close relationship, telling his mother about it without first telling him would feel like betraying him.

The circumstance would also impact his brother, who had just been accepted into medical school and was unaware that his father was having an affair.

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The son did not like turning to his friends since he did not want them to stop respecting him. He has been forced to stew in all of these thoughts, which has also been emotionally draining for him.

But the son knew he had to figure out a way out of this dilemma. He said, “At the end of the day, I know it’s on me to make the choice I think would possibly be the right one.”

What Advice Did the Son Get?

The first thing the posters wanted the son to understand was that no matter what happens in his family, it will not be his responsibility. He would have to be held accountable for his father’s behaviour because he had an affair.

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In the same situation, a commenter encouraged him to tell his mother what had happened in order to relieve himself of the mental load caused by his father’s lies. However, if there was evidence, one person thought the mother might already be aware of the affair.

Reddit users, however, also believed that it was crucial for him to talk to his father in an adult manner and comprehend that not every partnership is ideal. Others thought he was prioritising his father over his mother.

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In any case, internet users encourage the son to come forward with the long-kept secret and set himself free before the emotional pain becomes any worse.