Slammed by trolls for kissing his young son on the lips – he has a strong response for them

Tom, an Englishman, never passes up the chance to show his young son Roman how much he cares. However, not everyone was pleased with the couple’s public shows of devotion when they appeared on social media.

The father from North England, who was attacked for kissing his five-year-old son on the lips, won’t back down from the trolls who are accusing him of confusing his child.

Roman is there to help the father as he fights back using some straightforward logic and comedy. Roman firmly declares to the scary users, “You are all crazy!”

Parent-child relationships are appealing and durable, and they help children develop their ideals, principles, and personalities as they get older.

Every parent raises their children differently, with some methods affected by culture, financial conditions, mental and physical health, or just personal preference.

Tom, a loving father of two from Yorkshire, England, rejects the effect of trolls and their derogatory remarks on his parenting style.

Women are drawn to the father’s frequent TikTok postings because of his crystal blue eyes, accent, flawlessly sculpted and tattooed body, or because of his love for his two boys, Roman, 5, and Raphael Reign, who was born in the middle of May 2023.

In several of the videos Tom now posts on TikTok, he responds to claims that he is confusing Roman and endangering the young kid from infection or strangers. But Tom is resistant to giving up. On June 27, the father from northern England confronted a user who commented, “Just gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips.”

Tom’s reply made clear that he would keep showing his five-year-old kid affection for as long as he permitted. Tom claims:

“I find it worrying that it bothers you. I will kiss my son, my five-year-old child, on the lips for as long as I deem necessary and as long as he lets me, right, (because) I love him to bits and he’s my best pal and one day he won’t want me to, and he probably won’t want much to do with me. So, for now, I’ll carry on as I am.”

Fans poured in with supportive thoughts like, “Love kisses with my kids and now my granddaughter–the people who think it’s wrong are the worry xx.” Another, who lost her father, said: “absolutely ridiculous! I always kissed my dad on the lips and I lost him 2 years ago and I wish I could cuddle him and kiss him again.”

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Tom replied to the thoughtful comments: “He is the most loving little boy and it’s because we raise him with love. Thank you for these comments.”

However, a user’s ridiculous charge prompted the parent to respond in a short video. The individual writes, “shouldnt kiss him BECAUSE of the bacteria in your mouth. did you know you can make your child more (susceptible) to cavities if you have them & kiss them.”

In a witty post that has almost 123,000 likes, Tom shares the message, “Wow. So I kiss my 5 year old son on the lips he will get cavities. He’ll get cavities from his daddy kissing him.” Tom then turns to Roman and asks what he thinks. “Don’t be silly!” the boy replies, giggling and sealing the statement with a kiss on his daddy’s lips.

Fans were outraged by the unfounded idea that Tom kissing Roman would lead to cavities.. “omg …who educated that person…you kiss away you two,” writes one, while another adds, “that is soooo ridiculous..and I work (with or as) a dentist. carry on being the loving dad you are… son is so cute”

Tom shared a now-viral video of him in the car with Roman on his lap at the beginning of July. Tom states in the post that has approximately 579,000, “Don’t worry. Absolutely nothing’s going to change.” He then turns to his son and asks, “Roman, what do you think of people that think you shouldn’t kiss me on (the) lips?”

“You are all crazy. That’s my daddy!” Roman says emphatically. The video ends with the pair sharing a sweet kiss.

Fans stepped in to support the father and defend the cause of his post, one person writes., “Some people are just sick he is adorable and would soon tell ya when he gets older if he didn’t like it.” Another writes, “we kiss on the cheeks in my culture, but i really love that father-son relationship.”

One user chimed in and speaking to the Yorkshire father’s trolls, she asked “have you a problem with him kissing him on the lips because he is a man? Because if this was his mom, I’m sure you wouldn’t.”

Tom replies, praising the woman for bringing the crucial message to light, and adds:

“I have genuinely been real interested to know this because it is something I have thought as well. I genuinely don’t think anything would have been said if it was a mom kissing a little boy…

I dunno know but for some reason when it’s a bloke, a dad kissing his little boy something always gets said and I don’t know why because it’s always by this weird minority.” He continues, “I’m glad it’s a woman saying this as well, so I really appreciate that. …and I’m not changing anything.”

In another video, the father responds to a remark that the child will be more susceptible to malicious strangers because of the lovely pecks in a plainly agitated manner.

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“Don’t kiss your children on the lips fact. Because not all humans have the right intentions do you see what I’m saying? Don’t make it acceptable!” the writer said.

Tom quipped in his response, “So the logic here is, if I kiss my five-year-old, he will think that he can go off and it’s okay to kiss strangers, strange adults… obviously!” Holding back his laughter, he continued, “So let’s apply that logic. I can’t have him in my car anymore to take him places because he could get in a stranger’s car and think that’s normal. He can’t live in my house anymore…well he could just walk into a stranger’s house and think that that’s normal.”

Then, the devoted dad proposed a different approach: “Or we could, now hear me out, we could… teach him that he’s got a mummy and a daddy and kissing them is normal but kissing dodgy Barry down the road is a bit weird.”

    The majority of people in his cyber community support Tom and gush over the love he gives his son and we’re happy to see that Tom doesn’t stand down to online trolls who have no position in telling him how to parent!

    What do you think of dads kissing children on the lips and do you feel it’s okay for a mom to do the same?