Simone Biles Reveals Photos of Her New Home with Lake View & Theatre: ‘You Deserve All the Happiness’

The legendary American gymnast Simone Biles has overcome a difficult upbringing characterised by hunger and instability to emerge as a symbol of resiliency and accomplishment. Simone and her family bravely shared details of their challenging upbringing in their Facebook Watch series “Simone vs. Herself,” which helped launch her to Olympic prominence.

Biles, who was raised in foster care as a result of her mother’s struggles with addiction, remembers the unpredictability of those times. “I don’t remember much about being in foster care, but I knew we had been taken from our biological mother,” she mused.

Since it’s common to be moved around or separated as siblings, we were fortunate to stay together.

Simone Biles on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Particularly the continual hunger she and her brothers experienced throughout those formative years left a lasting impression.Biles described their obsession with food in dramatic detail, making fun of the stray cat her mother fed while they went without. She even developed a lifetime dislike to cats as a result of this encounter.

Simone Biles on August 27, 2023 in San Jose, California. | Source: Getty Images

Biles and her younger sister, Adria, were eventually adopted by their maternal grandparents,

Nellie and Ronald Biles, in Texas, where they found security and love. Ashley and Tevin, their older siblings, chose a different route and were adopted by their father’s sister, creating a split in the family.

Simone Biles on August 27, 2023 in San Jose, California. | Source: Getty Images

The grandmother of Biles, Nellie, was open about the difficulties she encountered in raising her grandchildren. She acknowledged her early concerns about them not being her biological children, but she also shared a pivotal moment when her love for them overcame any biological ties.

Simone Biles on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Turning Dreams into Reality: Biles’ Mega Mansion Takes Shape

Biles, who once struggled, is now a well-known gymnast. By building a stunning mega-mansion in their native Texas, she and her husband, NFL great Jonathan Owens, are realising their ambitions. Biles’ stunning return to gymnastics after the 2020 Olympics was followed by this enormous project.

Biles recently gave her followers a sneak peek of the mega-mansion under construction in her Instagram Stories. The property is reminiscent of the broader Houston area, where she spent her early years, and is tucked away by a tranquil lake. She displayed the wooden structure of the lakeside building with obvious delight.

Biles excitedly screamed, “We have stairs OMG,” as she held up a crude staircase up to the second floor. She also gave a tour of the second floor, outlining her ideas for the area, which include adding a bathroom, a theatre, a wet bar in the game room, and a bedroom.

A screenshot of an Instagram comment showing support and enthusiasm for Simone Biles when she shared her house that is under construction. | Source:
A screenshot of an Instagram comment showing support for Simone Biles when she shared her house that is under construction. | Source:
A screenshot of an Instagram comment showing support for Simone Biles when she shared her house that is under construction. | Source:

Unquestionably the highlight is the spectacular view of the waterfront from the second-floor balcony, which will soon be covered. She thinks this view will never get old, especially during sunsets.

Her fans expressed support and cheered her on, leaving comments that included expressions like, “This is going to be fantastic!!!” and “Love it! Enjoy all the moments. Thanks for sharing!”

A screenshot of a social media comment hating on Simone Biles' house that's under construction. | Source:

But even amid the overwhelming positivity, a contrasting voice chimed in, “I hate to see houses under construction in the south. The woods look like some middle school projects with Popsicle sticks….what happened to cinderblocks and steel.”

While the precise location of their sprawling property remains undisclosed, it represents a return to the idyllic surroundings of Biles’ childhood, where she is now crafting her dream home.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens on October 28, 2022 in Houston, Texas. | Source: Getty Images

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Tie the Knot

On May 2023, Biles and Owens embarked on a new chapter of their lives as they exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony in Cabo, Mexico, surrounded by 144 guests. Biles and Owen’s love story began when they crossed paths on the dating app Raya in 2020.

It was Biles who took the first step, initiating contact and sliding into Owen’s DMs. What started as a virtual connection soon grew into something much deeper. Owen’s introduction to the Biles family came when Biles’ sister invited him on a family trip to their lake house in Texas.