Sandra Bullock defended by ‘Blind Side’ actor after trolls demand she lose Oscar – “get a job”

Sandra Bullock hasn’t had much luck lately. Her longtime boyfriend tragically passed away earlier this month, and now she’s unwittingly gotten mixed up in a complicated court battle with the Tuohy family, the family on which the 2009 film “The Blind Side” was based.

For her captivating depiction of Leigh Anne Tuohy in the popular drama, Sandra Bullock won the coveted Academy Award for best actress back in 2010.

This film was based on the true account of a Tennessee family that welcomed and adopted Michael Oher, who later became well-known in the National Football League (NFL).

The film, however, has recently returned to the public eye in a negative way, which has raised some questions about the moving story it presents. Michael Oher claims that the Tuohy family never legally adopted him and instead placed him in a conservatorship so that they may profit financially.

Director John Lee Hancock, actors Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Jae Head, Tim McGraw, and Lily Collins during the 2009 New York City premiere of “The Blind Side.”

The Tuohy family has responded by asserting that Oher is not entirely being truthful and that he has previously tried to extort a staggering $15 million from them.

No one knows what to trust at this stage…

Some people have demanded that Bullock’s Oscar be rescinded now that the movie has gained additional attention as a result of these weird and disturbing charges. However, Quinton Aaron, who played Oher in the film, has challenged these claims.

Aaron stated in a recent interview: “There’s nothing that suggests she had any involvement with anything. She was an actress who was recruited to accomplish a job, and because of how skillfully she completed it, she was paid. Why would you accept that award just in light of events occurring 14 years later?

“I wish everyone would just leave her alone,” he continued, “because, you know, she’s going through her own troubles right now with the love she just lost. You should realize that she lost a lot.

As was previously mentioned, Bryan Randall, Bullock’s longtime partner, tragically passed away on August 5 at the age of 57 after a protracted struggle with ALS.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to experience the tragedy of losing a loved one. She is also on my mind and in my prayers,” Aaron continued. “And the last thing she needs are Internet trolls approaching her and saying things like, ‘We should take her Oscar.’” Just go sit down, please. Go. Get a job, stay at home, and sit down. You get what I’m saying? Just halt and give her space.

“I’m a teddy bear, I like to think of myself as a teddy bear, but if you mess with the people I love, I will become a grizzly bear, just saying,” he said.

Aaron then went on to talk about Bullock’s generosity as a person. “I adored her and the way she approached everything. She was so welcoming, you know. She was hilarious yet also professional. She’s hilarious, like,” he added.

The guidance and words of wisdom she gave me, which I took to heart, are as follows. She has undoubtedly contributed significantly to and affected my life.

We can only hope that Sandra Bullock doesn’t encounter any additional needless haters. After all, she has nothing to do with this latest case filed against the Tuohy family!