On the day that his wife Kelly Preston would have turned 60, John Travolta pays tribute to her

Recently, John paid tribute to his beloved co-star Olivia Newton-John who passed away.

John Travolta always takes a moment to think about his late wife Kelly Preston, even on the days when he misses her the most.

On the day the actress would have turned 60, the actor remembered the mother of his three children.

The What a Girl Wants actress passed away on July 12, 2020, at the age of 57, in the couple’s Clearwater, Florida, home after a protracted battle with breast cancer.

As he grieved for his co-star Olivia Newton John, John has had a particularly trying month

To wish Kelly a very happy birthday, John shared a beautiful throwback image of the two at what seems to be a movie premiere or party on Instagram.

They are tightly held together in the image. The actor’s wife is wearing a chic clothing, while the actor is clothed in a black suit with leather lapels.

Kelly is wearing a black dress with white piping and cut-outs at the waist, pearl drop earrings, and long blonde hair in a beehive as she beams broadly in the photo.

In the caption, he sweetly wished his favourite dance partner a happy birthday.  “Kelly, you are missed and loved.”

Soon after, admirers wished her a happy birthday in the comments section, writing: “Sweet photo!” and “Happy birthday in heaven Kelly, big hugs to you John, Ella, and Ben.”

Kelly’s birthday was wished for by one fan, who also added: “Happy beautiful birthday Kelly,” along with a plethora of heart and angel emojis.

Since Kelly’s passing, John has been more committed than ever to spending time with his children, Benjamin, 11, and Ella Bleu, 22, as well as encouraging them in their aspirations and interests.

He frequently provides insights into their daily lives by posting clips of Benjamin performing amazing gymnastics, praising Ella whenever she publishes new music or covers, and whisking them away on lavish trips.