No different from a homeless! Paparazzi caught, changed beyond recognition Hugh Laurie, surprising fans

Dirty clothes and unkempt appearance! The unshaven actor Hugh struck with a solid grey beard, and this thick hair aged him greatly. He is unrecognisable see here.

Many people know the famous actor Hugh Laurie well, but in recent paparazzi photographs no one recognized him.

The talented actor has always won millions of hearts with his talent. He was paid more than £250 million per episode but his career declined after the series.

The actor appears at concerts and surprises audiences as a pianist and performer and sometimes agrees to different duties.

However, now he doesn’t look at all like the actor we know.

He was recently spotted by paparazzi while out for a walk with his dog in north London.

He was dressed very unkemptly and looked completely unrecognizable. However, people paid more attention to his appearance rather than his clothes.

What an unkempt look . Is this our favourite actor?

He has already completely changed. He has the right to dress and look the way he wants

He will always remain our attractive actor, and nothing affects that. Internet users wrote. What do you think of his appearance?