My Ex-husband Is Mad at Me for Telling His Parents What His Girlfriend Did to My Son

When a mother found out that her ex-husband’s girlfriend had intentionally thrown away the heartfelt crochet blanket she had made for her son, rage consumed her. When she tried to share her grievance with her ex, he refused to listen. In her search for support, she turned to her former in-laws, oblivious to the storm that would follow.

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On July 24, 2022, an anonymous female poster shared her story in the “AITA” subreddit. She, a 33-year-old woman, discovered that her ex-husband, a 37-year-old man, cheated on her when she was seven months pregnant with their son. After a divorce, they shared custody of their three-year-old child.

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The ex-husband’s girlfriend repeatedly attempted to interfere with the mother’s parenting decisions, even commenting on the child’s name, implying that it should be a mutual choice. She also tried to assert control over what the child should or shouldn’t have, which led to her tossing out items that the mother had personally purchased for the child.

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The original poster faced financial difficulties, struggling to make ends meet and unable to replace the items discarded by the girlfriend. However, the ex-husband insisted that it was her “house,” giving her the authority to determine what could or couldn’t be brought in.

A Mother’s Heartache and the Aftermath

The woman had crafted a crochet blanket for her son, adorned with his name, which held sentimental value. “I made a crochet blanket for my son with his name on it. This blanket is special to me, and the tools I used to be able to make it cost me money. Not to mention the time and effort it took to get it [done],” explained the mother.

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Upon sending her son to stay with his father, he requested to take the cherished blanket with him for comfort during sleep. Something occurred during this time, though the mother was uncertain of the details.

When she arrived to collect her son, he informed her that his father’s girlfriend had confiscated the blanket and thrown it out, leaving the child without a bedtime comfort item “as punishment” for not accepting an alternative she had offered. “I was furious,” expressed the mother.

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OP immediately contacted her ex-husband, but their conversation ended abruptly as he hung up on her. In response to her text message explaining the situation, he accused her of creating unnecessary drama and suggested she find a job instead of targeting his girlfriend.

Frustrated and distressed, the mother sought solace with her ex-husband’s family, who had been supportive of her. However, the girlfriend had been striving to earn their approval and favor. Shocked by the girlfriend’s actions, the family confronted her, leading to a heated confrontation.

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The woman’s former sister-in-law went a step further, airing the incident on social media, causing other family members to become aware of the girlfriend’s actions. Her ex-husband subsequently berated the mother, accusing her of making a “pathetic attempt” to turn his family against his girlfriend.

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The girlfriend’s distress was audible in the background as the man berated his ex-wife. He claimed that she had ruined his girlfriend’s chances of building a good relationship with her “future in-laws.” The mother, feeling conflicted, hung up and was left with a sense of guilt, wondering if she should have refrained from sharing the incident with the family, given the now-tenuous relationship between them and the girlfriend.

The Online Reaction

The mother’s story gained traction online, drawing comments from fellow Redditors who deemed her “NTA.” Many empathized with the mother’s situation, advising her to document every incident and consult a child psychologist for her son’s well-being. They suggested potentially amending the custody agreement to limit the girlfriend’s involvement, ensuring the child’s emotional and mental welfare.

Another commenter believed the mother should take more decisive action, considering the girlfriend’s actions as emotionally harmful. They recommended revisiting custody arrangements to minimize potential damage.

Some Redditors questioned the girlfriend’s motivations, suggesting she used the child to provoke the mother and expressing surprise at her behavior. They emphasized the importance of holding both the father and girlfriend accountable for their roles in the situation.

Another commenter criticized the father’s actions, urging the mother to seek changes in custody arrangements due to the harm the girlfriend was causing the child. They highlighted the importance of protecting the child’s well-being.

Lastly, a Redditor emphasized the unjustness of punishing a three-year-old in such a manner. They speculated that the girlfriend’s actions were driven by either intentional cruelty or a lack of understanding, potentially both, signaling a concerning lack of care for the child’s feelings and needs.

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