My Ex Demanded I Buy Engagement Ring back from Her after We Broke Up – I Gave Her a Reality Check

A man, 35, has shared his dramatic engagement story with us. He had been madly in love with his fiancée, and proposed to her with an exclusive ring, which was his family’s much treasured and valuable possession, passed from generation to generation. But the desperate man later found out that he had been cheated on, and of course he broke up with his unfaithful ex.

What happened next, doesn’t fit into the meaning of common sense, as the whole story has been developing in quite a trashy way because of the behavior of the man’s greedy ex. But he didn’t give up and taught the woman a lesson that she will probably remember till the end of her days.

Mark wrote us a letter.

Mark, 35, shared his mind-boggling story of broken love and trashy consequences that followed.

Mark opened his letter, saying, “I had been madly in love with my fiancée, Laura, for over 7 years. Our romance started unexpectedly and overwhelmingly, like a hurricane, and I had been sincerely happy with her, she was the woman of my dreams, my only one, my everything. But my story has no classical happy-end, because what was meant to lead to a thriving and long-lasting marriage suddenly ended.
My ex-fiancée turned out to be a pathological liar and an untrustworthy woman. My story does contain a big dose of betrayal, with greed, evil scheming and emotional pain. But what I got in the end was my full triumph, and I want to share how I managed to teach this woman a lesson without even offending her.”

Mark goes on with his story, saying, “So, Laura and I had been genuinely happy during all these 7 years, but everything turned upside down right after our engagement.”

Laura cheated on Mark and left him totally heartbroken.

Mark revealed, “Laura and I seemed to be a match that was destined, but this ideal relationship crashed under the weight of her harsh lies and infidelity.
Laura’s affair with her coworker was exposed after our engagement. It hurt me so much to realize that the woman of my dream had cheated on me in such a nasty way. This was the final and a totally unforgivable act that led us to a breakup. I was heartbroken and desperate, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was like a living dead because of her betrayal and my broken hopes and illusions.
I even wanted to find the man she cheated on me with and look him in the eyes, talk to him and see why he was better than I, why she chose him and betrayed me. But this idea soon seemed humiliating for me, and I was literally suffering alone, without contacting even the dearest members of my family for a while.”

Laura, however, seemed to have no remorse about the situation. Mark revealed, “My ex was totally indifferent about my real feelings. She did initiate explosive arguments with me, but this all was a barrage of her accusations and her demands. She started trying to make some unreasonable deals with me, saying that I owed her everything that she put into our relationship. She screamed and yelled a lot, and I still can’t understand how my beloved Laura turned into this fierce, scandalous woman with no moral principles so quickly.”

Earlier, Mark had proposed to Laura with a very special ring.

Mark goes on with his story, saying, “All members of my family were absolutely sad when they heard about my breakup. All of them were this way or that involved into our relationship from the very first day we started dating.
My mom believed that this was a forever type of relationship, like her own marriage with my late father. She gave me a family heirloom ring to propose when the time had come. This was a very sentimental and an extremely expensive thing. So, I proposed to Laura with this exact ring, and she was so happy to see it on her finger.
After she cheated on me with her coworker, and we broke up, the things calmed down a tad and I suddenly remembered this engagement ring, a symbol of our future that would never have meant to be. This ring had more family stories than a library, so I definitely wanted it back. I visited Laura in a place she was staying and immediately asked for the return of the ring. I thought there would be no problem with it, but her eyes suddenly flashed with anger and greed.”

Mark revealed, “She refused to give the ring back to me and said she’ll check what it is worth at the pawn shop. When she saw the fear in my eyes, she quickly collected herself and said that yes, she’ll give it back to me, if I pay her $10,000 for it, it will be mine again. I was speechless.”

Mark was desperate because of such a trashy turn of events.

The man wrote, “I just wondered about how did I not see this woman’s real face before, throughout our entire relationship. I didn’t have such a sum of money at that moment, and I refused to give her a cent when she first mentioned it. But then, I decided to take a pause in this scandal, as I needed time to think it over, and I pretended that I agreed to her conditions. I said that I would contact her when I have enough money for buying the ring back from her, and we parted ways.”

Mark shared, “When I told about Laura’s appetites and demands to my family, my mother’s disappointment was really heavy. She wanted me to pay this sum to Laura, only to have the heirloom ring back to the family, but I felt I couldn’t just cave to Laura’s demands. So, I vowed to figure something else out.”

The man revealed, “With my devoted friends by my side, we created a nice plan that would make any con artist proud. This was meant only for justice, we didn’t intend to hurt Laura, but teach her a good lesson.”

Laura was left with nothing, as the plan worked perfectly.

Mark explained, “One of my friends, whom Laura had never met, acted as a rich collector who was interested in buying unique jewelry. He contacted Laura and expressed his excitement at buying such a gem, he then shared his willingness to pay a whopping $15,000 for the ring.
Of course, Laura was absolutely happy that she’d have all this money for something she didn’t pay a cent for. So, she jumped at the opportunity and eagerly agreed to meet in person for the transaction. She didn’t even ask how the collector got her information, or how he even knew about the ring to begin with.
The exchange was an Oscar-worthy performance. Mark’s friend pretended to thoroughly examine the ring, before ‘accidentally dropping’ it. Then he swapped it for a fake one and then handed it to her and said that he needed some time to think the purchase over before making such a significant investment.”

Mark wrote, “My ex was quite unhappy with how things went down. She decided to take matters into her own hands and went to the pawn shop, being absolutely sure she’d sell the ring for at least $15,000 now. But she was so disappointed when she was told it was just a worthless toy and its price was not even enough to buy herself an ice-cream after selling it.
That’s how I ended up with a furious text from Laura that was a proof of a mistake that eventually cost her more than she realized. But I was happy with the lesson that I taught her, and I do hope that she’ll remember it for the rest of her life and that it will teach her how to be a better person.”

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