Mom leaves a one-year-old baby in a decaying home and comes back ten years later to discover the unimaginable.

The Russian city of Yaroslavl will never forget what happened more than ten years ago.

Long ago, a neighbor overheard a baby crying in a house not far from his own, but he dismissed it at the moment and continued with his daily activities.

He saw that the baby kept crying hysterically in the days that followed, despite the fact that no one had noticed any activity coming from the house, the lights had never been switched on, and there had been no evidence of any movement at all.

The worried neighbors asked the police to look into the matter.

When the police showed up, the place was run-down and vacant; the previous occupants had removed all of their things, left the area, and disappeared.

It was sad that their own child was the only one still inside the house!

The young infant had been found abandoned on a filthy, chilly floor for many days when she was just one year old.

Despite the fact that the baby’s parents were missing and no one knew their whereabouts, the authorities continued their investigation and discovered the child’s identity to be Liza Verbitskaya.

To make sure she was properly cared for after her trauma, Little Liza was taken to the doctor and stayed in the hospital for many days.

A mother called Inna Nika was caring for her sick kid while she was in the hospital and was there at all hours of the day and night.

One day, she heard a scream coming from the hospital room next door and, out of curiosity and worry, she stepped inside to investigate. Little Liza was there in the room, and Inna had a maternal instinct to care for her.

After that, Inna visited Liza every day, bringing clothing, food, and toys.

Like she did every day, Inna was getting ready to see Liza when she discovered that Lisa had left. She discovered that the little child had been given the all-clear to leave the hospital and be housed in an orphanage.

Inna made the decision to go look for the young girl since she was feeling so lonely and wanted to be with her again.

There was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to adopt the young girl when she eventually discovered her. Liza was allowed permission to live with Inna and her family, whom she adored, after Inna started the adoption process as soon as she was allowed.

Due to bureaucracy and waiting, Liza was almost two when Inna adopted her. She has experienced a lot.

With her dark days undoubtedly behind her, Inna was more determined than ever to give the young child the love and care she deserved.

As Liza got older, Inna enrolled her in a dancing school in the hopes that she would develop self-confidence and come out of her shell. Liza struggled to learn to walk.

Nobody can explain why, yet Liza grew up like any other girl her age thanks to all the love and care she received from her adoptive mother.

Growing up was challenging for Liza since, in contrast to her siblings, she had unusually dark complexion and stood out like a sore thumb. Since people are easily swayed by jealously, Inna constantly advised her daughter to ignore what other people had to say.

Liza, who is now a teenager, has competed in a number of talent events, won several beauty contests, and worked as a model. What a difference between the beginning of her life and how she has triumphed!

She has achieved Russian superstar status as a result of her modeling profession and remarkable life story, to the point where when her biological mother heard about her, she instantly wanted to get in touch with her! Liza didn’t want to interact with the mother who had left her when she was a baby.

I’m happy Liza had a wonderful life with a caring family; let’s spread the word about this amazing and inspirational story to inspire us all to be better!