Mom Gets Harsh Criticism After Naming Her Daughter After A Disney Character

An Australian mom named Indy Clinton may only be twenty-five years old, but she knows what she wants when it comes to her newborn daughter’s name. After the 25-year-old mom from Sydney, Australia gave birth to her newborn daughter, she decided to name the child Bambi, after the classic Disney character and in honor of Molly-Mae Hague’s newborn child, Bambi – but lots of people online have shared their hatred for this chosen baby name and mom Indy Clinton doesn’t care one lick about their criticisms.

Indy skyrocketed to fame on the Chinese social media platform, TikTok, where she shares quirky videos that feature her sexy looks and her family. Clinton turned to TikTok to reveal that she could not “believe the coincidence” that she named her daughter Bambi after Love Islander Molly-Mae announced the same baby name on Instagram, revealing that she had named her baby daughter Bambi as well.

Indy has loved Disney’s movie Bambi since she was a little girl. She also purchased a copy of Bambi in a storybook, which she regularly reads to her 2-year-old son, Navy. Because she loved Bambi so much, it was only natural for the 25-year-old Aussie mom to name her newborn daughter after her favorite Disney character from the classic movie.

Originally, Indy planned to name her newborn daughter Paloma. However, she met the girl and was immediately struck by her “sweet, curious nature,” not to mention her “big, brown eyes.” She was immediately reminded of the Disney cartoon character and threw all her baby name plans out the window to name her child Bambi instead of Paloma.

Indy’s daughter is now four months old, but her extended family is still surprised that the TikTok mom chose to name her human child after a Disney cartoon baby deer.

“Four months ago, when I was giving birth, I was convinced Bambi was the most unique, unusual name that nobody would use.

“Good on Molly-Mae, though. It looks like great minds think alike. We were set on calling her Paloma at first. That was her name, and nothing was going to change that. But I was reading the book to Navy one night, and it came to me.”

The TikTok mom claimed that the moment she decided to name her newborn daughter after the Disney character was like lightning striking.

“I sat up and yelled, ‘what about Bambi?’ and from then on, it stuck.”

People have criticized Molly-Mae’s daughter’s name on social media. Although people are criticizing the same name that Indy chose for her daughter, now four months old, she doesn’t care if people don’t like it because she absolutely loves the Disney character name for her child.

“You know, unique names are the new trend,” the 25-year-old mom said. “Bambi is going to fit right in with the Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis, and Wolfs. I’d be more concerned calling my kid a name from the 1900s. People will criticize anything these days, so at least give them something to talk about.”