Michelle Davina’s An Incredible Singer From Holland

Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn, better known by her stage name Michelle Davina, is grateful to P!nk for helping launch her career. P!nk isn’t someone I follow closely enough to know if she usually behaves this way. While P!nk’s reaction was being filmed, Glamour showed her Davina’s interpretation of the song What About Us. Despite having a diva-like attitude, she didn’t act like one.

Although Davina has a wonderful voice, the odds against her achieving international success were against her because she was a relatively unknown young Dutch singer located in Holland.

Hoogendoorn, as she was still known, competed in the Dutch Idols in 2016 and advanced to the duet round. Beginning in February 2017, she started posting covers to YouTube.

Scroll down to watch Davina’s full cover in the video below.

Hoogendoorn omitted her last name on YouTube. At first, all of Davina’s posts were songs in English. P!nk’s “What About Us” was her ninth cover, released on August 21, 2017, and is now embedded above.

Cherry Brandy comments on YouTube: “As a legit P!nk fan I have to say you did something incredible to this song. When I wanna hear this song I play your version. You slowed it down & threw a world of emotion into it. Perfection!” Dantesos recently commented “Five years later & it still feels gut-wrenching and beautiful.”

Canid Consulting makes a good point: “How many absolutely incredible voices like Davina’s are out there, shining in the darkness of anonymity?”

This finding is especially important in light of Michelle Davina’s unanticipated good fortune. A video of P!nk responding to Davina’s cover was revealed by Glamour less than two months after Davina released What About Us. The clip would not be online if P!nk had reservations about Davina’s cover or if Glamour had not seen it in the first place.

What About Us - P!nk (cover by: Davina Michelle)

Glamour also posted the video above. It displays Michelle Davina’s initial viewing of P!nk’s reaction video as well as her subsequent remarks.

Regardless of your musical preferences, if that doesn’t move you, you have a heart of stone. Whether you enjoy P!nk or Davina or not. In the video, Davina describes how she was instantly called to appear on Dutch TV when Glamour posted the P!nk reaction clip. She started appearing frequently on shows like RTL Late Night and De Wereld Draait Door.

In 2018, Davina appeared on the Dutch reality programme Beste Zangers, where she sang an interpretation of Glen Faria’s (also known as MC Fit) song Duurt te Lang, which is in the Dutch language. The cover by Davina, which was gold-certified, topped the charts in the Netherlands.

Davina Michelle - Heartbeat (Official Music Video)

On the Beautiful Trauma Tour, P!nk played in The Hague in 2019 with Michelle Davina as her opening act. The Dutch national anthem was sung by Davina prior to the start of the first Formula 1 race to take place in the Netherlands since 1985 in September 2021. She sung the national anthem once more at the podium ceremony after Max Verstappen triumphed.

Davina performed farther away as the plague subsided. She performed a concert on February 9 in Los Angeles and has been touring Europe. In the interim, she issued a single and the album My Own World. Michelle Davina provided backup for Maroon 5’s stadium performances in Berlin and Lisbon in June 2023.

What About Us has received 22 million views on YouTube, while Michelle Davina’s channel has 1.56 million subscribers. Here is Heartbeat (March 2023)—her most recent single—which she co-wrote with Sebastiaan Brouwer, her boyfriend and producer:

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