Meghan Markle has been dealt the harshest blow by her sister 

Samantha Markle, Meghan Markle’s step-sister, has announced that she plans to sue the duchess for “defamation, slander, and invasion of privacy.”

Samantha was shocked by Meghan Markle’s public apologies to the court after new information was uncovered that debunked the claim that the duchess had refused to collaborate with the co-authors of the divisive biography “Finding Freedom: Harry, Meghan, and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.”

Jason Knauf, Markle’s communications assistant, discovered letters in which she pushed him to contact the writers with details about Samantha and her brother Thomas Jr. Markle claimed to have “forgotten” to bring up these letters during her testimony to the courts. The biographies were handled by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie.

Meghan Markle, speaking in the third person, pushed Knauf to state that her siblings were no longer in school and that she had no contact with them.

After Meghan and Harry were married, Samantha Markle resumed using her maiden name and began writing and selling news pieces.

The Duchess of Sussex claimed in a message to Knauf that she had lost custody of all three of the children she had with different fathers.

Since Meghan Markle first met Prince Harry in 2016, she has not communicated with Samantha.

Samantha recently declared in an interview with the Sunday Times that she will file a formal lawsuit against Meghan Markle in both the UK and the US due to the disparities between the two countries’ legal systems.

“I want to sue her for defamation in the US and breaches of data confidentially in the UK. She is spreading fake information about me.” “Anything to keep the family quiet,” says Meghan. It is terrifying.

“I have not lost custody of any children,” she claimed. “She claims that I have changed my name after meeting Harry, although I had advised her months before that I would do so. She wanted us to act apart from one another in order to make ourselves feel inferior. Because that gave us the perfect justification for skipping her wedding.”

The legal representative for The Dukes of Sussex revealed shortly after the publication of the book that Meghan was involved in its creation due to worry about a potential disagreement with her father.

The applicant was concerned that a similar incident to the one reported in the media about her father abandoning her without even seeking contact might occur. She actually reached out to him, texted him, and sent him a letter in an attempt to convince him to stop speaking to the media. Furthermore, the person would have provided a written response.

Meghan told her friend to give the information to the writers of the aforementioned article in order to stop further misunderstanding of the scenario. According to a statement made by the British attorneys a year ago, she is unaware of the circumstances surrounding how the authors were given access to this material.