Mansion Owner Hasn’t Washed Herself In 3 Years & Never Washed Her Bedding

The Wales mansion Plas Teg was bought by a woman in 1985 for 70,000 pounds. That is around 89,000 US dollars at the current exchange rate.

Ten bedrooms and sizable meeting spaces can be found in the sprawling 17th-century mansion known as Plas Teg. Cornelia Bayley, 74, has not washed her bedsheets, carpets, or other upholstered furniture in the 29 years she has resided at the house.

In addition, she has refused to use any cleaning agents on any of the furniture.

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The Woman Couldn’t Maintain the House

The former antiques merchant Bayley is adamant about preserving the 17th-century home in its original condition. She enjoys living in a different age, despite the fact that doing so requires going above and beyond the call of duty.

Bayley’s financial resources have been depleted by maintaining the enormous property. There is little leeway for additional expenses because she now buys her daily necessities with a meagre pensio

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For many years, Plas Teg had not been cleaned. Bayley said that she had only sometimes cleaned the house in the 29 years she has lived there. Her bathtub is filthy with mould and grease and uncleaned.

It was discovered that Bayley hadn’t washed herself in a long time. She decided against taking a bath since she couldn’t afford hot water.

The mattress and bedsheets, which were probably more than a century old, were never washed, Bayley said with a shrug.the individual.

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She claimed that bathing was not particularly common in the 17th century. She merely thought of herself as existing in the present day but in a different era. She said, “I still live that way.

Bayley was out of money and was looking for a means to raise her income. She made the decision to host tours and events at Plas Teg for the general public.

She was unfortunate because there weren’t many takers. They were too filthy and dirty from the 29 years of scarcely cleaned space.

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Before she let the public into her apartment, she hired obsessive compulsive cleaners Hayley and Dann to freshen things up. The cleaners were appalled to see Bayley’s living situation because they can’t bear dirt and germs.

“Cornelia, when was the bedding last washed?!” Hayley asked. Bayley shrugged and revealed she’s never washed her bedsheet or mattress, which were likely a hundred years old.

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The cleaners’ situation was made worse by Bayley’s refusal to use any cleaning supplies. She instructed the housekeepers to clean using a sponge and water, much like people did in the 17th century.

“It doesn’t kill the bacteria then, does it?” Hayley asked the homeowner. Bayley couldn’t care less. She replied:

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At this moment, Hayley and Dann were internally panicking. They reached a settlement with Bayley and got her permission to use some cleaning solution.

Bayley was ultimately “happy” with the outcome of their cleaning binge. She wasn’t keen about adding their contemporary finishing touches, such as the tables and candles, but she was happy with how they had managed to update the room.

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In the UK, historic houses can be charming, especially if they’ve been well-maintained. The Beckhams possess a sizable farmstead in the countryside that they turned into a lovely country residence.