Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni’s daughter is all grown up and she is breathtaking

You undoubtedly know who Christopher Meloni is if you enjoy watching criminal dramas.

The actor is most recognized for his work on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he portrayed Detective Elliot Saber.

The actor has a beautiful family in real life. To find out more about them, continue reading.

He resumed the role of Detective Elliot Saber on the spin-off series “Law and Order: Organized Crime.” after having success in the role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Along with playing Detective Saber, the actor’s other notable roles include those of prisoner Chris Keller on HBO’s Oz and a recurrent character on season 5 of the television series True Blood.

The actor has done work outside of television as well. He appeared in a number of well-known films, such as Man of Steel, Wet Hot American Summer, and Harold & Kumar. See Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and White Castle.

He wasn’t always a popular actor, though. He held a variety of occupations before switching to acting full-time, including those as a bouncer, a construction worker, and a personal trainer.

Before getting a recurring part on NYPD Blue, he occasionally got a commercial.

Meloni wed his beloved Doris Sherman Williams in 1995. As a production designer, Doris was employed. In March 2001, the couple gave birth to a daughter they named Sophia Eva Pietra Meloni. Mariska Hargitay, Meloni’s co-star, is Sophia’s grandmother.

In 2004, their son Dante Amadeo Meloni arrived after Sophia. The couple is preparing for an empty nest now that both of their children are of legal age.

Meloni has always been a devoted parent who prioritized his family. He acquired a home in 2015 that was famously utilized during the filming of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

His own father was a doctor while his mother was a homemaker. And he recalls that they were always supportive of their son’s career. Meloni shared, “My parents were surprisingly cool. They always encouraged me to make my own decisions. As I got through my teen years it was ‘What college do you want to go to? Your decision.’ ‘What do you want to major in? Your decision.’

He went on, ‘I want to be an actor. Your decision.’ When I graduated college, I denied that acting was a viable career. I called a friend on a lark and asked him what he was doing with his life. He told me he was going to New York to study acting. I said, ‘Me too.’ Where are you going to study? ‘The Neighborhood Playhouse.’ I said, ‘Great. What’s the number?’ Once I committed, that was it.”

As for how he himself juggled being a father with being an actor, Meloni replied, “Ahh. Keep breathing and appreciate. It’s very Zen and I often fail at it, but I do believe that the tenets are there for a purpose and are right and true. Just keep breathing. Appreciate the moment. Be in the moment.”

He meticulously handles both his responsibilities. And the actor shared that he is a fully devoted and involved father when it came to his kids. He said, “I’m the assistant coach of my son’s football and basketball teams. I also go to my daughter’s swim meets and her acting gigs. It’s taken me a while to be calm and take in the moments I have with my children, but I’m very clear about how important it is,” Meloni shared.

The parents encourage their children to have hobbies. “My daughter found out that dance wasn’t being offered at her school this semester, so she wasn’t going to have a sport,” Meloni told USA Today. “We said, ‘You have to do something.’ She decided on ballet, and we guided her on how to do that.”

The actor says he had the importance of a good education instilled in him. He shared, “I think my kids would call me a little crazy,” he said. “I’m very physical, very affectionate. I’m also very disciplined and focused on education. That’s one thing that was instilled in me, one place in life where there’s no compromise.”

And he is someone who is strict about discipline. He wants to make sure his children always honor their commitments. He shared an example,”I want them to engage in athletics or the arts because those are places they get to express themselves. My daughter is challenged by the piano. I’ve tried to make it like this: ‘We’ve committed to the piano, but if you don’t want to practice we’ll pull the plug.’ She said, ‘I’ll give it another shot.’ I try to encourage that and say, ‘Please trust me. Wondrous things will happen on this journey of pain.’”

He wants to make sure his kids grow up with all the tools to succeed. He wants to build them up in a way that is best for them. The actor shared, “What works for me is empowering my kids. I remember not having any power when I was growing up. Power helps kids mature, and it requires critical thinking on their part. They feel engaged in a decision, which makes them feel engaged in the family process.”

His son and daughter have developed into lovely people. They also appear to have the actor’s undying admiration. It always gives me such a boost to see well-known stars who make sure their kids stay grounded!

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