Inside Melanie Griffith’s ‘Elegant’ Former Home Banderas Left Her after Divorce — He’ll Love Her until Death

Antonio Banderas is well known for his dapper appearance and his appearances as hot-blooded action heroes in films like “The Legend of Zorro” and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.”

In addition to playing legendary action movie parts, the actor dedicated himself to his family, supporting them through good times and bad.In 1996, Banderas wed Melanie Griffith, his second wife. Griffith had previously been married, just like Banderas.

The actress had a daughter, Dakota Johnson, from her romance with “Miami Vice” actor Don Johnson, and a son, Alexander Bauer, from her marriage to actor Stephen Bauer.

Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Stella Banderas, Alexander Bauer, and Dakota Johnson on October 20, 1998 in Westwood, California | Source: Getty Images

When Banderas married Griffith, he assumed the role of stepfather to her two children, which would have intimidated someone without children of their own. After Banderas and Griffith wed, they soon welcomed a new addition to the family, and the actor was proud to help care for his two stepchildren.

Stella was the name chosen by Banderas and Griffith for their baby daughter, and fortunately, everyone got along well. The “Mambo Kings” actor was open and honest about his relationship with Griffith, claiming that they were quite happy together despite their difficulties, the most of which stemmed from Griffith’s substance misuse.

Although Griffith battled addiction for years, Banderas remained by her side, supporting her through difficult times and motivating her to keep pursuing recovery. Banderas complimented Griffith for her dedication to sobriety and the advancements she has made over the course of their 17-year marriage.

Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Stella Banderas and Dakota Johnson in Hollywood, California, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

Staying Friends Even after Their Divorce

Sadly, things began to unravel as their marriage slowly approached 20 years. In a later statement about their divorce, Griffith noted that the couple’s separation in 2014 was mostly caused by her inability to find a practical solution to her substance misuse issues.

Banderas had a significant impact on Griffith’s children despite their divorce, as noted by the actress’ daughter, who said, “He loved my mother and my siblings and I so fiercely and so big and so loud that it would change all of our lives forever.” According to reports, Johnson even referred to Banderas as “Paponio.”

Luckily, the divorce seemed to end amicably, with Banderas leaving Griffith the $4.3 million log cabin mansion in Aspen, Colorado, that the pair had bought together.

Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, and Stella del Carmena on August 4, 2012 in Marbella, Spain | Source: Getty Images

Banderas maintained a strong relationship with Griffith and her two kids even after their divorce. Even though he wasn’t formally a member of the family’s clan anymore, the actor had spent so much of his life cultivating enduring relationships with them that he couldn’t distance himself from them. He said that even after their breakup, Griffith remained a close buddy.

Banderas also acknowledged that despite the fact that they were no longer married, he continued to cherish his ex-wife and would do so until his passing. Even more, the two actors started spending holidays together, reconciling with their kids and recreating their earlier days as a family.

Banderas continued to be a devoted father figure to his own daughter, Stella, even after the divorce. He spoke candidly about the girl, saying that she exhibits the same creative talent as her parents. Banderas remarked that Stella had a lifelong passion of reading and that she eventually honed her writing skills.

Banderas was close with his stepson, much like he was with his two daughters. The actor reflected on how “beautiful” the time they all spent together was, and although though he doesn’t spend as much time in the United States because he gave Griffith the sole use of the house they shared, he said, “My family is in Los Angeles.”

Inside the Home Banderas Left Griffith after the Divorce

Fortunately, the divorce appeared to be amicable, with Banderas giving Griffith the $4.3 million log cabin property they had jointly purchased in Aspen, Colorado. Griffith kept her unique home for many years, but she ultimately made the decision to list it for sale.

The stunning property has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and over 7,400 square feet of living space. The home was constructed in 1994, and the previous owner apparently used it as a ceramics studio. Many of the tiles in the home were especially produced for it. The home also has amazing floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural light flood the room.

Melanie Griffith's Aspen mansion | Source:

The centrepiece of the house is a big stone fireplace that harmonises perfectly with the light timber beams and wall around it.

Melanie Griffith's Aspen mansion | Source:

The wood, which is completely in harmony with its natural surroundings and provides its occupants with stunning views of the solitary forests, is located on the backside of the breathtaking Aspen Mountain.

Melanie Griffith's Aspen mansion | Source:

The actress listed the home for the initial asking price of $4.3 million, but she was compelled to reduce it by over $500,000 in 2018.

Melanie Griffith's Aspen mansion | Source:

The house was bought by Griffith and Banderas in 2002, but after their breakup, the actress became the single owner.