I Returned Home from Bachelorette Party and Found My Fiancé Missing, He Lied to Me the Next Day

The woman’s fiancé told her that he passed out after his bachelor party at his friend’s place. Two years later, he felt guilty and decided to break her heart by revealing where he was the night after his pre-wedding celebration.

When Redditor ThrowRAfmylife11’s husband told her he was too wasted to remember anything that happened at his bachelor party, she blindly believed him. She thought he had wedding anxiety and assumed he’d partied hard.

The wife was at the peak of her marriage when her husband finally revealed a jolting truth about what happened that night. He told her he was guilty and confessed where he’d been the whole night, prompting her to call her mom quickly.

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So long until he unfolded the truth, the Original Poster (OP) thought her husband couldn’t recall the events that transpired during the night of his bachelor party because he was too drunk to remember. Since he wasn’t a frequent boozer, she assumed he was being truthful and let it slide.

She went on and on, but OP knew that her mom was lying.

But two years after that night, OP’s husband felt guilty and decided to make a disturbing confession. That night, OP was enjoying her bachelorette party simultaneously and returned home at 3 a.m. Her fiancé wasn’t in their room, so she bluntly texted him, assuming he’d crashed with a friend as he told her to expect earlier.

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Meanwhile, OP’s husband silently slipped into their room while she was asleep and pretended he’d passed the night at his friend’s place and had just returned home. But as it turned out, he only came from the room next door all along after spending an intimate moment with OP’s mom. His confession tore OP apart. She was livid and immediately called her mom.

Ever since her dad passed away, OP knew her mom had a history of trying to flirt with multiple men, including those OP dated. OP’s husband knew this, and he even occasionally joked about it. But he assured her that he would never think his mother-in-law was attractive.

OP was fuming as she recalled this and angrily told her mother, “Husband told me everything.” OP’s mom pretended not to understand what she was talking about. She tried to justify herself, saying OP’s husband had fabricated all of it. She went on and on, but OP knew that her mom was lying.

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She cut the call and had an emotional outburst. It felt like a dream after being betrayed by the two most important people in her life. The pain was unbearable, especially after OP recalled all those family gatherings where her mom and husband had acted normal.

Divorce was probably the only option OP saw ahead. Posting her dilemma on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum in November 2021, she asked random strangers how to disclose the news to her family. However, things took a different turn after she checked some of the comments from people.

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After reading OP’s story, Redditor GreatSwordOfVictory, like most online, felt OP’s husband could’ve been “forced” by her mom to indulge in intimacy. The person said it felt like OP’s mom had been trying to hit on OP’s husband for a long time and stated:

“Regardless of the situation, your mom [expletive] up far, far, FAR more than your husband did.”

Reflecting on similar comments, OP speculated if her husband was faultless, so she asked him if her mom had taken advantage of his drunkenness that night. Eventually, some new unpleasant details came to light after he confessed again.

After a long pause and a sigh, OP’s husband stared at her in guilt. He told her that she deserved to know the truth, though it could’ve been easier for him to blame her mom and find a way out.

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As it turned out, OP’s husband and her mom had been engaged in erotic messaging for several months before they hooked up on the night of his bachelor party. The biggest blow in his confession befell OP when he told her that he intentionally returned home that night to indulge in intimacy with her mother.

He tricked OP into believing that he would be staying over at his friend’s house, as he knew she would be returning home late that night. Even worse, he claimed he was fully aware of what he was doing.

The guy justified himself by saying he didn’t want to blow up his marriage and said he only texted OP’s mom about the logistical details of visits after that. However, he left her a message asking her not to let it slip, assuring her “it” would never happen again.

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OP was crushed between her husband’s confession and the reality of his affair with her mom. Her relationship with her mom turned sour, especially after her mom gave her the silent treatment after the truth was exposed.

After a tumultuous few days of dealing with her dilemma, OP proceeded with divorce. She kicked her husband out and assumed he’d gone to live with his parents. Even readers who followed up with OP’s update on her plight assured her she was making the right decision.

“Invest in you. Please get therapy for the trauma that has been inflicted on you by this terrible betrayal,” Redditor ProfessionalPilot45 stated. User c-emme-2506 agreed and expressed, “I’m really sorry for you. You’re making the right decision. I’m sending you a lot of strength and a big hug!”

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Although OP couldn’t decipher what prompted her husband to start an affair with her mom, she surmised it could be his desire to have more intimate partners, which he’d once candidly told her.

“Maybe that was my clue I wasn’t enough for him. Should have listened…I won’t be dating for a long, long time because obviously, I’m colorblind to red flags [sic],” she concluded.

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