How Miranda Lambert Really Feels About Gwen Stefani –

When news broke that Blake Shelton began dating Gwen Stefani after his divorce from Miranda Lambert, some people wanted to believe that the two blonde bombshells could never possibly like one another…but guess what? They’re wrong!

These two badass and empowering women prove that it is entirely possible to support each other in finding happiness, success and love.

In fact, a source tells E! News exclusively, “Gwen and Miranda are actually big fans of each others’ music and respect each other as artists. Miranda has always thought very highly of Gwen and thinks she is an extremely talented artist.”

Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

The insider also notes that the country singer isn’t jealous or angry over Gwen’s relationship with Blake. Rather, it’s just the opposite!

“Miranda is happy that they are doing well and wishes the best for them,” the source says. “Miranda is focusing on herself and enjoying her new relationship. Miranda is in great spirits!”

As for Gwen? The No Doubt songstress has all the best things to say about Miranda, too.

“Gwen thinks very highly of Miranda and really likes her music,” our insider reveals. “Gwen thinks it’s great that Miranda is dating and in a happy place! Gwen is not the kind of women to be catty at all, and she avoids drama at all accounts.”

Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert, Tweet

The two women have continued to prove there’s no drama by following each other on social media and even occasionally liking one anothers’ posts.

Though fans are confused by their kindness toward each other, the reality is they’ve both happily moved forward and the drama is simply non-existent.

While Blake and Gwen continue to take their relationship to new levels—spending the holidays together and continuing to put on their adorable PDA—Miranda has also found someone who makes her smile.

Miranda Lambert, Anderson East

The “Little Red Wagon” singer is currently dating country crooner Anderson East, sharing their first cuddly photo together after ringing in the New Year last week. “The snuggle is real,” Lambert captioned the adorably cozy pic.

As for their romance, a source told E! News last week, “It’s still all pretty new and she is just enjoying getting to know him.”

We are so stoked to see these two women finding their happiness and supporting each other as they do so!