Horrific mistake leaves woman unable to close her eyes – read her warning…

Many people would go to considerable lengths to improve their appearance, which is why plastic surgery is becoming a widespread procedure all over the world.

Unfortunately, these operations frequently fail and cause permanent distortion and injury to the face.

The tale of Yulia Tarasevich, a former Miss Russia runner-up, serves as the ideal illustration of plastic surgery gone awry.

When Yulia made the decision to have surgery, she chose the best hospital and contacted the surgeon she thought would be the most qualified. She spent $4,000 for the treatment she had done in the Russian city of Krasnodar, according to East2West News.

Unfortunately, the former beauty queen, 43, was botched.

Yulia claimed in an interview with Channel 1 that the surgeon converted her “beautiful, healthy face” into something akin to a nightmare, as reported by the New York Post.

“I came to them with a beautiful, healthy face. I just wanted to correct some nuances caused by aging,” Yulia, a mother of two, said. “But sadly, I lost my health.”

She underwent a facelift, a blepharoplasty (the removal of extra skin from the eyes), and cheek fat reduction. She was, regrettably, “disfigured.”

Thereafter, she underwent a number of urgent follow-up procedures in which medical professionals battled to prevent necrosis, or the death of body tissue cells, from occurring to her eyes, which at the time she was unable to close.

“I have scars that formed in my cheeks when they ripped out all my tissue,” she told Channel 1, the New York Post reported. “My eyes don’t close, and I can’t smile. I can’t lift my upper lip. One part of my face doesn’t work at all.”

“I went quietly to the operation, firstly, because all my tests were in order,” she added. “Secondly, because I had plastic surgery before this, I did rhinoplasty, and it went perfectly for me, without any genetic abnormalities.”

Yulia accused the two surgeons who carried out the treatments, Dr. Andrey Komarov and Dr. Omar Khaled, of negligence and said the initial surgery left her with scleroderma, a rare genetic illness that causes skin hardening.

She did not, however, inform the professor that she had the illness.

“I went quietly to the operation, firstly, because all my tests were in order. Secondly, because I had plastic surgery before this, I did rhinoplasty, and it went perfectly for me, without any genetic abnormalities,” the Russian beauty queen said.

“The surgeons made me the only one guilty for what has happened,” she added. “The doctors, who disfigured my face, relieved themselves of all responsibility. I decided to have my day in court.”

The follow-up procedures cost Yulia $27,000. Dr. Omar Khaled called it “exaggerated” but the Russian Investigative Committee began investigating the two doctors on the procedure.

“A forensic medical examination has been appointed to determine the severity of the harm to health, and other patients who could have suffered from poor-quality services in this clinic are also being identified,” spokeswoman Anna Pushkina said. “The investigation of the criminal case is ongoing.”

Yulia thanked her followers for their support.

“Hi, my friends. I would like to really thank each and every one of you who support me. Thanks to each an every one of you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

The Krasnodar Territory Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted Dr. Andrey Komarov for the procedure that seriously injured Yulia after a thorough investigation.

The office said he provided services that “did not meet the requirements of consumer health and safety.”

He could receive up to 6 years in prison and $5,000 in fines if convicted.

As a result of Yulia suing the doctor for depression following the procedure, the doctor is also involved in a civil case. Her face was asymmetrical, and she couldn’t smile or shut her eyelids.

We fervently hope she receives the justice she deserves.

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