Heartbreaking CoCo Lee update as sisters confirm worst news about 48-year-old Disney star

Coco Lee, a Disney actress who had been in a coma after attempting suicide, died at the age of 48, according to her family.

According to reports, the singer, who is most known for the song “A Love Before Time” from the blockbuster film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, passed away yesterday, July 5.

Lee’s sisters shared the tragic update on Instagram, confirming that she had passed away.

Carol and Nancy wrote an emotional letter to Coco’s followers in which they discussed their sister’s long battle with depression.

Their post reads: “With great sadness, we are here break the most devastating news: CoCo had been suffering from depression for a few years but her condition deteriorated drastically over the last few months.

“Although CoCo sought professional help and did her best to fight depression, sadly that demon inside of her took the better of her.”

The attempt to commit suicide by Coco happened last Sunday, July 2. The singer, who provided the voice for Mulan in the Chinese version of the Disney film, was taken to the hospital but was unable to be brought out of the coma.

Carol and Nancy explained in their statement that Lee’s singing profession, which she has been a part of for 30 years, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, “won countless international acclaims with top selling songs and has left audience w an astounding impression of her excellent live performances.”

“CoCo is also known to have worked tirelessly to open up a new world for Chinese singers in the international music scene, and she went all out to shine for the Chinese. We are proud of her!” their post continued.

“As a family of CoCo, we are very grateful and honored to have such an excellent and outstanding sister.

“We are thankful to God for giving us such a kind angel. We know now she has gone to a happier place and no longer suffers from depression; we trust God has her best interest looked after!

“Now, our greatest responsibility is to take good care of our elderly mother.

“I hope everyone will pray for this poor old lady & allow us time & privacy in healing.”

Thank you for all the memories, CoCo Lee, and may you rest in peace. If you want to pray for CoCo’s loved ones and wish them well, share this article on Facebook.