Group of retired friends set up ‘Old Coots’ booth at farmers market – what happens next is shocking

Nothing in life is more priceless than receiving guidance from an experienced adult.

However, not everyone can take advantage of having their grandparents nearby. Some folks don’t have somebody to turn to for sound life counsel.

This was the void in people’s lives that these retirees sought to fill. And as a result, they took a fantastic initiative. To learn more about it, keep reading!

A group of lifelong friends would frequently gather at their regular meeting place, a coffee shop in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. They should tell these experiences to other people because it was their gatherings and story-sharing that helped them reach their great conclusion.

Tony Caputo, age 69, one of the group’s members, spotted something: there was a farmer’s market with hundreds of people attending on the opposite side of the street!

He proposed to the organization that they put up a booth there where he could give them guidance. The additional guys adored it. Hence, the following week they erected a booth with a big banner above it reading “Old Coots Giving Bad Advice”, “It’s probably bad advice, but it’s free”.

The males were willing to talk about pretty much anything. Yet, there were two exceptions: politics and religion.

They waited for someone to approach them so they could ask for advice.

They had a small but growing line form in front of their booth after a few customers trickled in and had a positive experience, suggesting that news had apparently spread. People went to the so-called “Old Coots” for counsel on a wide range of subjects. From issues with relationships and love to issues with school and job, even on what cell phone or internet plans to acquire!

The males were open to discussing just about anything. Politics and religion, however, were the two exceptions.

They awaited an approaching person so they could seek for advice.

Once a few people trickled in and had good experiences, a short but growing line started to form in front of their booth, indicating that word had evidently spread. For advice on a variety of topics, people turned to the so-called “Old Coots.” even on what cell phone or internet plans to buy, from troubles with relationships and love to issues with school and work!

“They know everything, simple as that!” said one fan.

“These are the wisest old coots you’ve ever asked advice from,” another added.

Even Good Morning America invited them to appear due to their popularity! With their sincere personalities and sincere counsel, the men have really established themselves!

What a sweet idea to open a booth just to offer free guidance to youngsters! Forward this article to your friends so they can learn more about these amazing “Old Coots.”