Five girls pose for prom photo – goes viral due to little hidden detail

Truth be said, despite the legal drinking age of 21, many students would nevertheless like to partake in a few drinks earlier.

One of the reasons many of them attempt to smuggle alcohol on their prom night, while being well aware that they are not allowed to, is because of this. So how is it possible for someone to smuggle alcohol into a school?

Eleanor, a young woman, accomplished this in a really clever way. Although we wouldn’t advise any young person to do this, her brilliant concept did go viral online.

In particular, Eleanor and a few of her pals took a picture of themselves, and—believe it or not—no one noticed that Eleanor had a hip flask “hidden” in plain sight.

She opted to hold the large flask in her hands rather than a clutch purse, using it as an accent to her overall appearance. The flask did resemble a woman’s bag because it was silver.

Most importantly, if she hadn’t exposed herself, her plan to sneak alcohol into the school would not have been discovered.

Nobody is certain if Eleanor’s flask contained alcohol, but it is clear that she was extremely proud of herself for successfully carrying out her scheme.

“Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch,” she wrote on on X (previously Twitter).

She allegedly paid $12 for the flask at Tiger.

We wish these young girls the best as they enter the next stage of their lives.