A father had shared a story on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit. The father had stated, his daughter didn’t invited her siblings to her wedding, because they were gay. The father gave an ultimatom to her daughter, as he stated that whether she will invite them, or he will not attend and pay for her wedding.

Father, with the username, u/Mammoth_Inside_2431, had stated that he has five children which he named three of them in his story, his daughter Casey, and gay sons, Tom and Alex.

Then explained that his daughter, Casey, is going to marry with her fiance, Max, with whom she has a relationship of four years. OP stated that he is covering most of the wedding, since Max’s parents are living on a different country, and due to exchange rate, they couldn’t affor much.

As they were having a family gathering, as Casey was not there, father found out that his gay sons, Tom and Alex didn’t received their invitations for the wedding, as his other children, and his sister received the invitations.

At that moment, as OP wrote, “I immediately saw red.” then he confronted with his daughter, and shamed her for not including her siblings to her wedding because of their genders, and life choices. He also stated that Casey had supported them for her whole life, which he was surprised.

Then he found out that her future in-laws were distraught with the life styles of her siblings, and therefore she was forced to leave them uninvited. She stated that their choice is not going well with their culture, and wanted her father to understand.

Then the father had gave her an ultimatom, “I have told her if that’s the case I will not be walking her down the isle and pull out from paying for her wedding, as she can not exclude her family like this when they did nothing wrong and if her future in laws opinion is so important to her, they can pay for the wedding.”

His statement made her daughter cry, and she hung the phone to his face. The rest of the family is with their father on the matter, and his wife is devastated, as noone expected from his daughter to act that way.

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