Erin Murphy, who played Tabitha on ‘Bewitched’, seen in public with her grandchild – sit down before you see how alike they are

More people recognize Erin Murphy as Tabitha from Bewitched. She rose to popularity as a child thanks to her role in the show.

She is currently 59 years old and is married with children.

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On Bewitched, Tabitha, the ethereal daughter of Samantha Stephens and her human husband Darrin Stephens, was notably portrayed by Erin Murphy. Erin Murphy continued to perform a number of different parts on other projects after her successful run as young Tabitha.

But after getting married, she made the decision to put her career on hold. In order to raise her six children from her three husbands, the actress devoted much of her time and efforts.

Her granddaughter Sayler even graduated from junior high school while Murphy was present; she is now a devoted 59-year-old grandmother! She shared photos of her granddaughter hugging her close to her breast and holding a bouquet. Fans gushed over how adorable they found this glimpse of Murphy as a devoted grandmother.

“Awesome and lovely photo cute lol love hugs and kisses,” a fan commented. While another wrote, “Congratulations, you both look adorable and amazing together.” Her granddaughter bears such a striking resemblance to her famous grandmother as well!

Some people might not be aware that Erin Murphy and her twin sister Diane Murphy co-starred in the movie as Tabitha. After a few episodes, though, she began acting the part on her own. She later explained how it happened in a Studio 10 interview in 2020 when it became apparent that she did not resemble her sister.

“My sister and I are fraternal twins, and they were only auditioning twins for the part of Tabitha because twins can work more hours,” Erin shared years later. “As soon as they hired us, they realized that we really don’t look that much alike.”

In addition to Bewitched, she also made an appearance in the 1979 film Deadly Fighters and a 1973 episode of Lassie.Following this part, she took a hiatus from acting and concentrated on her personal life.

“I’ve been able to continue in the business and say no to a lot of stuff and occasionally do things for fun. I was offered jobs right after Bewitched and I turned them down. I went to Girl Scout camp instead of doing a part on The Waltons.

So I kind of walked away from the business,” she explained years later in an interview in 2020. “I haven’t had an acting agent in years, even though I still do a few acting jobs every year. I do a lot of theater now. I’ve done a bunch of webseries and pilots, basically as favors to friends.”

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