Eric Christian Olsen was mean to his off-screen wife when they first met, and she called him ‘a big jerk’

When he joined NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen became a celebrity. The 44-year-old actor, who has played Marty Deeks on the program for 12 years, has acknowledged that it can be challenging to keep in character when off-camera.

In addition to becoming a star on NCIS Los Angeles, Olsen and his wife, Sarah Wright, have welcomed three children into their family.

Though he might not appear to be the fittest, most trained person alive, recent photos of him taken while out for a walk reveal a completely different picture.

In Eugene, Oregon, on May 31, 1977, Eric Christian Olsen was born. His father, an English professor, used to tell Eric stories at home, which sparked his love in storytelling as a young boy.

Eric was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa, even though he was born in Oregon. He grew up playing sports and was a young player on the community hockey team.

Eric additionally participated in a number of school plays. Even though he wasn’t much of a troublemaker, according to his mother Jeanne, he was good at getting out of things he didn’t want to do.

“If he didn’t like something, like a class or lessons, he figured out how to get the teacher to say, ‘I think you should pull him out of this,’” she mentions.

Olsen didn’t entirely accept that version of events, and said his piano teacher had smelled “weird. By the way, the piano teacher lady, she smelled weird,” Olsen said to his mother. You did it to two piano teachers,” she replied. But they both smelled weird,” he fired back.

Music was a big thing for Olsen. In fourth grade, he took to the stage in a school musical. It turned out to be a rather shocking experience for his parents – his mother Jeanne never even knew her son could sing.

“I didn’t know he could sing. And he comes out on the stage, and I’m so nervous. And he turns around and faces the audience, and he puts his arms out, and he starts to sing,” she said.

“I literally stood there with my mouth open because of his presence. And he wasn’t scared, he wasn’t nervous at all.

“His dad said to him, ‘If you’re a little nervous, that’s a good thing because that makes you better.’ And he got off the stage later and said, ‘I was really nervous, then I wasn’t nervous.’ He was just a natural. That’s when I knew there was something special about this kid.”

It was clear that Eric had something special, just as his mother claimed. He eventually graduated high school and decided to head to Los Angeles to fulfill another dream.

Interestingly, that dream was not acting. Instead, in 1998, Olsen enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, on a 75 percent scholarship. Of course, he had to find a way to pay for the last 25 percent – and that’s when the idea of doing commercials came to him.

Commercials soon turned into bigger productions, and Olsen got some minor television and film work as an actor, including one episode on ER in 1999 and 22 episodes on Get Real in 1999 and 2000. The following year, Eric really struck gold when he starred in the iconic film Pearl Harbor.

Olsen was 19 years of age at the time, and had only 300 dollars to his name. As an actor, it’s common to get a residual check, meaning you get money when the film sells on DVD or when it airs on another platform. Pearl Harbor, of course, became a huge hit – and that made Olsen’s life easier for a while.

“I’m checking my mail on campus. I’m not even sure I had a shirt on. And I open this little mailbox and see that [the residual check] was $21,000 dollars.”
Graduated in 2007

Suddenly, Eric could relax a bit with regards to paying for his share of his education. So it was, that while studying at Pepperdine, he fell in love with acting. He didn’t graduate until 2007. Even for up-and-coming actors, Eric firmly believes in the importance of a proper education.

“All those movies I did between ’98 and 2007, I was at the same time kind of juggling school. The reason that I finished, people kept saying, ‘Why are you continuing to go through school? You’ve done these movies, you’ve done this television, just forget about it.’ The reason I didn’t is because I think it’s probably the most important thing that we can do,” Olsen explained.

“Especially right now in today’s job market, there’s nothing better than, I mean, whatever it takes. You take out the loans, we all do, we put ourselves in debt, but everyone that asks me, ‘I wanna be an actor, what should I do?’ I say, ‘Go to college.’ If you can go to college in Los Angeles or New York, where you can possibly do commercial work and audition at the same time, do it. Find something else that you love, that you’re passionate about, and major in that.”

As well as Pepperdine, Olsen also attended culinary school. Ultimately, though, he decided he was going to pursue a career in acting. Following Pearl Harbor, Olsen starred in Not Another Teen Movie (2001) and Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003), amongst other projects. Finally, after several years of doing television and movies – while also graduating from Pepperdine – Olsen landed the role of a lifetime.

In 2010, Eric was cast as Marty Deeks in the television series NCIS Los Angeles. At that point, the original series NCIS – starring Mark Harmon – had aired for seven years, and the show creators had decided it was time to branch out to other cities.

Eric became a massive star almost overnight alongside Chris O’Donnell, Linda Hunt, and LL Cool J. As of today, the Oregon native actor has appeared in 265 episodes in the successful show.

As mentioned, Olsen went to culinary school while he simultaneously studied in college. When NCIS Los Angeles first aired, he was an actor by day – and an aspiring chef at Le Cordon Bleu by night.

“I knew I was going to be doing a pilot season, and the idea of just doing that without scattering in new information didn’t sound appealing,” he told Vulture in 2011.

“At culinary school, none of the things we use to define ourselves outside that world — actor, producer, student — none of that matters. It’s a magical art form.”

“I was only in there for six weeks of an eight-month course before I had to drop out to start filming, but I’ll go back,” he added. “You’re doing five hours a night, and you’re doing three entrees and two appetizers and side dishes and sauces, and you’ve got six stoves going, and there’s fire everywhere — and it becomes zen. It’s like a runner’s high.”

NCIS Los Angeles soon became his main occupation. Olsen explained that they shoot about 60 to 70 hours a week for the show. To beat the LA traffic grids, they started filming as early as 5.30 a.m.

“I get to work with, you know, everybody talks about, you do a movie, and you go away, you’re with these people, and then it’s over,” he explained.

“It’s like a summer vacation. But on NCIS, we shoot for ten months out of the year, 60 to 70 hours a week. It’s really like a family. You’re stuck with these people, regardless of whether you love them or not. Everybody says this, but we really did get lucky.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eric’s net worth as of right now is about $13 million.

One of the most important things for any actor to master is entering character. Because of this, some actors go to extreme lengths to aid in the process, even “becoming” their role months before the filming begins.

The hardest part for Eric, who has played a cop on NCIS Los Angeles for many years, was breaking character.

According to Eric, it was almost like he turned into a police officer, and it became clear in one circumstance when his preparation for the show came in handy in real life.

“I’m driving on the 10 freeway. I’m in the far left lane, and this black, windowless van blows by me on the corner in the side lane and hits the Porsche in front of me, knocking off their mirror. I could hear the woman scream from my car,” he recalled on Conan.

Eric called 911. However, he then also started to follow the van that had hit the other car.

“911, what is your emergency? I said, ‘There’s a black, windowless van traveling eastbound on the 10 freeway. License plate Tango Charlie 371,” he continued.

“The woman goes, ‘Okay, where are you right now?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m on 10. We are now crossing under the 405 under pursuit. And she goes, ‘What?!’ And I go, ‘What?!’ She said, ‘I’m sorry sir, did you just say pursuit?’ I said, ‘No, no, no, no!’ And she goes, ‘Sir, are you following the vehicle? Sir, do not follow the vehicle. We have called officers. Do not follow the vehicle!”

Eric has achieved tremendous success as a result of his appearances on NCIS Los Angeles. It also turns out that his job on the popular show has evolved into something of a family business.

He appears on film as Marty Deeks and is wed to Daniela Ruah’s character Kensi Blye. Despite their on-screen romance, Ruah and David Olsen are actually in-laws because Ruah is David’s wife.

In an on-screen relationship, there will be kissing. Daniela is Olsen’s brother-in-law, therefore she admitted that it might become uncomfortable.

“The obvious answer would be yes [it’s weird to kiss Eric], but at the same time we’re so invested in our characters,” she said in 2015. “And we’re so interested that the audience has been following these characters, and they’re happy with what’s happening on the show.”

“We’re kind of trying to stay faithful to that more than anything else. Dave is in the business, and Eric’s wife is an actress, she’s in the business, and I think everybody knows what that feels like.”
“He understands that this is a job”

Olsen and Ruah, who are both professional actors, don’t mind at all having a romantic relationship on screen.

Even though it’s part of their profession, one may imagine that David would feel awkward about his brother kissing his wife. In actuality, though, he’s really sympathetic.

“We’ve been doing the show. That’s our job, Olsen told CBS. “[My brother] was a [Navy] SEAL, but now he’s out, but he does stunt work and a bunch of other stuff. So, he does stunts on our show along with a bunch of other shows. He gets it; he understands that this is a job.”

In an interview with Parade, Daniela expanded on the matter, stating, “I think if Eric and I would say, “We’re not doing these things because we’re related,’ it would do a terrible disservice to the program and to the audience. The key goal is to keep viewers interested in the program and passionate about these characters’ growth.

Additionally, Eric Christian Olsen has a lovely family and is a devoted husband and father.

In 2006, he met Sarah Wright, his future wife, while working on the comedy The Loop. Sarah is a skilled actress who has had a number of roles in movies and TV shows throughout the years.

Eric admitted that he initially believed she was cast in the part not for her talent but for her “super gorgeous” looks.

“I was mean to you the first time we met,” he admitted.

Sarah, meanwhile, thought Eric was “a big jerk.”

“But at the first table read, you laughed at my jokes and came up to me afterward and apologized,” Sarah added.

Eric and Sarah would go on to date. After five years, they got engaged in Mexico.

“Nobody makes me laugh more, nobody makes me happier. Nobody is going to be a better mother. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” he recalled telling her as he proposed.

The pair wed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 2012. They gave birth to their son Wyatt a year later. After that, in 2016, Sarah and Eric welcomed a daughter named Esme.

The couple announced the birth of their third child, a daughter in September 2020.

“She’s here!!! As we collectively navigate the chaos and existential crisis that is 2020, we anchor ourselves with the things that matter most. Family, friends, and human connection,” Sarah wrote on Instagram.

“She’s 10lbs 4 ounces of newborn bliss. Mama and baby are doing great, home safe surrounded by a cuddle puddle of kids and giant dogs. Life is equal parts spectacular and fleeting; Love fearlessly.”

On NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen has won over the audience’s affection. I hope he continues to appear on the program for a long time to goEric always makes time for his family, despite his busy schedule on NCIS Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old has undoubtedly had more free time lately.

Fans are astonished by the metamorphosis the father of three has experienced after spending numerous hours in the gym, so it appears that he has used it effectively.

“One of the benefits of heavy workouts during the pandemic is that you have the strength to huck your children higher into the sky…And that’s really the end goal of conscientious parenting, is it not?” Olsen posted on Instagram, alongside a picture of him and his daughter Esme.

On NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen has won over the audience’s affection. I hope he continues to appear on the program for a very long time. His family is absolutely the best, and we wish them nothing but the best in the future.

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