Dying Wife Asks Husband’s Permission to Fulfill Her Final Wish—to Sleep with Her Ex One Last Time

A Reddit user going by the handle ‘throwawayforeife’ revealed his story around the end of January 2022 and requested guidance from other users.

His long-term spouse had been given a grave diagnosis, and she was expected to die within a few months. The news crushed the married guy, and he did everything in his power to make his wife as content as he could.

He tried to accomplish all of her last desires until she made a startling request as part of his efforts.

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The man’s wife made a request that infuriated her husband. He turned to Reddit in an effort to find guidance on how to handle the circumstance without coming across as the bad person for defying his dying wife’s final request.

What Request Did the Dying Woman Make?

Prior to being deleted and then reposted by metallurgyhelp on February 3, 2022, the Reddit user’s experience was first uploaded on the website on January 29, 222. Throwawayforeife stated in the article that he and his wife had been dating for ten years.

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The couple learned that the wife had a terminal illness and had only a maximum nine months to live. The poster admitted that he was heartbroken and found it impossible to envisage life without her.

Even though he was unsure of what to do after she was gone, he tried to make her final days happy. The Reddit poster wanted to give his wife anything she wanted because the doctors predicted that she would need a wheelchair in four to five months.

She was supposed to be bedridden by the eighth month as she moved through her final weeks. She might decrease more quickly, which was the worst-case situation.

One day, the wife sat the husband down to make her final desire known to him. She confessed to him her desire for one final sex with her

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He was baffled as to why his wife would want to have sex with her ex until she went on to say that he was her “most physically compatible” and “satisfying lover.” She explained to him that sex wasn’t just physical, but also emotionally satisfying with him.

Throwawayforeife was unsure of what to do because he felt that allowing his wife to have her way would simply serve his ego, or he could allow her to sleep with the other man he thought was superior.

Although the request made him feel betrayed, the spouse felt compelled to grant it because it was her last wish. He claimed to be aware of his genuine thoughts on the subject, but he was unsure if they were the right one. That his wife desired more sex with her ex before she passed away because she had liked it so much with him wounded him.

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Reddit people struggled to decide which position to hold regarding the issue. Many of them used the comment section to share their thoughts, and many of them urged him to stand by his principles and resist manipulation.

People’s Reactions to the Wife’s Strange Request

One Reddit user recommended that throwawayforeife get a divorce, separate from his wife, or leave her. Then she may have an affair with her ex, and when she returns, hoping that her husband would take care of her in the months leading up to her death, he will insist that she go back to her ex for assistance.

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The follower said that they would be “crushed” if their spouse asked them to do something like that because they didn’t “deserve this” from the poster. The commenter acknowledged how “terrible” it was to have to live with such a memory, adding:

“I would probably not even be able to stay with that person if they had told me that was what they wanted to do.”

A Reddit user's comment on a post reposted by metallurgyhelp on February 3, 2022 | Source: Reddit/metallurgyhelp

Another person said the husband wasn’t in the wrong and didn’t need to fulfil his wife’s demand. She might be talking things she wouldn’t ordinarily say because of the meds she’s on, the follower, who felt the woman was in great pain, hypothesised.

A Reddit user's comment on a post reposted by metallurgyhelp on February 3, 2022 | Source: Reddit/metallurgyhelp

If that wasn’t the case, they apologised to the poster and told him not to grant the desire. Another individual branded the man’s wife’s actions “foolishness” and expressed their dislike for them, making the woman in that situation the incorrect person.

Reddit member gave the poster advice to let his wife go and do whatever she pleased as long as he was gone when she came back. It was suggested to him that he take care of his legal affairs and let his wife “perish” with her ex because she thought he was “so great.”