Dustin Hoffman’s wife, Lisa, knew she wanted to marry the actor when she was only 10 years old

Do you believe that fate exists?  Even though there are some situations where I do, I have a hard time believing partnerships in Hollywood.

Numerous marriages terminate in multiple divorces.You could reconsider how Hollywood fate works after hearing Dustin Hoffman and his wife Lisa’s love story, which is similar to mine.

Although Dustin Hoffman, 84, and Lisa Hoffman, 67, got married in 1980, they had been friends for many years before that.

According to the legend, Lisa’s grandma and Dustin’s mother were close friends who frequented each other’s apartments in Los Angeles. Even as Lisa’s mother was carrying her, Dustin, who had originally hoped to be a classical pianist, played during her parents’ wedding.

The couple makes fun of the idea that Lisa must have heard Dustin playing and instantly fallen in love. The first time Lisa had the sensation Dustin would be in her life forever was several years later, when a 27-year-old Dustin was hanging out with a 10-year-old Lisa and her 8-year-old brother.

“Dustin was telling us jokes, playing the piano and encouraging me to dance around the living room. After we got together, my grandmother reminded me that later that day I had said, ‘I hope he waits for me because I want to marry him.’”

Dustin, who had been residing in New York City, frequently visited Lisa and his relatives in Los Angeles. He and Lisa discovered they were attracted to one another during a visit. She was 22 years old and Dustin was 38 at the time.

“My grandfather had recently passed away and Dustin came to pay his condolences,” Lisa said. “That first look and I knew.”

During their first date Dustin asked how many children Lisa wanted.

“I said six, and he said he had two already, so would four be OK. And that’s exactly the way it has played out.”

When the two started dating, Lisa had recently started law school. She completed her degree while being aware of the challenges attending school would pose while Dustin continued his profession.

“I knew that having a law career wouldn’t be possible once I started traveling around with Dustin, but I also knew that I needed to complete this one thing for myself,” she said.

The couple married on October 12, 1980, and Lisa graduated from law school the following year.

Three weeks after Lisa passed her legal test, the Hoffmans welcomed their first child as a couple. Mothering became my priority after Jake was born dangerously unwell and a month preterm with Hyaline membrane disease (where a baby’s lungs require immediate treatment since they aren’t fully developed), she added.

They later had three additional children, Rebecca (1983), Maxwell (1984), and Alexandra (1987), just as they had discussed on their first date.

They travelled the globe and followed Dustin as he shot film after film as their kids grew up.

“It was important to Dustin that we were together as a family. For both of us, that was the point of being married.”

The family’s “traditional” values helped shaped their children’s future as they now “pay their own way while they pursue their careers.”

Although Dustin has had a successful career, Lisa has been able to avoid the limelight. She put their children first as they grew older, but now that they are all adults, she is focusing on what it means to be Lisa Hoffman.

Dustin and Lisa have been married for 42 years, and their love for one another is as strong as ever.

“We work hard at it,” Lisa explained in 2017.

This couple’s love story is exceptional in Hollywood. I wish they have many more years of happiness together. To honour their love for one another, kindly SHARE this story.