Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter reveals the disturbing truth about his relationship with his late wife Beth.

Duane Chapman is better known by his stage name, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and he starred in an eponymous TV series for eight seasons.

Bonnie and Cecily, his half-sibling daughters, have questioned his behavior, though.

This scandal was started by their exclusion from their father’s union to Francie Frane, which led to public controversy.

It should be noted that Beth, Bonnie’s mother and Chapman’s longtime wife, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017 and passed away from the condition in 2019 at the age of 51.

Two years later, Bonnie and Cecily were not given invitations to Francie and Dog’s wedding.

Bonnie vented her frustrations online after disclosing this information to TMZ and revealed details she had previously kept private because “I hoped to maintain a relationship with my father.”