Details Emerge About Matthew Perry’s Former Assistant

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, actor Matthew Perry died in the hot tub at this Pacific Palisades home. Reportedly, a person described as his “assistant” found him in the hot tub. While it was first reported that he died from drowning, the police are still investigating his death and waiting for the toxicology report to come back to see what else may have played into the drowning.

Who is Perry’s assistant? In his memoir, published last year, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry referred to his assistant under the pseudonym Erin. He referred to her as his best friend and credited her for saving his life on multiple occasions.

According to Perry’s memoir, his relationship with his assistant was purely platonic, but they were very close. They met when Perry was in rehab, and Erin was working at the rehab facility. He asked her to leave that job to become his assistant, and she did.

In the memoir, he recounts the time when his colon exploded, and Erin rushed him to the hospital. He wrote, “Erin pulled the night shift for five months in that hospital.” She also quit smoking with him, and she lived in his Century City apartment for a time, where she and a nurse prevented Perry from accessing drugs from a drug dealer.

After the tragic and unexpected death of her friend and boss, she posted a tribute to him on social media, sharing several pictures and writing a touching sentiment. She shared, “I‘ve expressed my deepest gratitude to him on numerous occasions, not only for guiding me into a career I cherish but also for allowing me to take care of him for 7 years. Along w the countless other experiences I’m thankful for. From witnessing him in his genius to sharing in his worldly adventures living around the world, he took me on a remarkable journey.”

She continued, “My heart is heavy, but celebrating my memories is the most profound way to honor his legacy.”

Brancato finished her post by writing directly to Perry. She wrote, “I hope that up there, in the great beyond, Mattman is sending us signs. We truly need them. You’ll forever be in my heart. I love