Detail on Matthew Perry’s death certificate emerges – and it confirms the rumors were true

Matthew Perry passed away, and less than two weeks later, his official death certificate was made available online.

Perry was discovered dead in his LA home’s hot tub, appearing to have drowned. No illegal drugs were discovered at the scene. Prescription medication, which was stored in a storage room, was the only medication in the house.

This past weekend, Perry—who rose to international prominence as Chandler Bing on the beloved television series Friends—was laid to rest in Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Naturally, all of his co-stars were present.

There have been many theories regarding Perry’s precise cause of death, given that he spent many years overcoming addictions and his demons.

It wasn’t always easy for him to kick his habits and maintain sobriety, despite having spent over $7 million doing so over the years. In actuality, Perry helped those in similar circumstances by drawing on his own experience.

The star’s death was initially announced by TMZ, which stated that Perry’s property was the destination of first responders who had responded to a call for cardiac arrest.

Perry was an avid player of pickleball, a combination of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis, before his untimely death. His pickleball partner noted that he played the game every day, sometimes even twice, and that the day of his death he appeared unusually tired.

Captain Erik Scott of the LAFD reported that Perry’s assistant—whom he called Erin in his memoir—found Perry’s head underwater when she got home from running errands.

The Blast reportedly obtained Perry’s official death certificate earlier this week, confirming the veracity of rumors indicating his “cause of death” would be postponed.

According to reports, Perry’s toxicology report is still being processed and won’t be available for several weeks.Although preliminary testing revealed that Perry’s system was free of fentanyl and meth at the time of his death, additional testing is necessary to rule out the possibility of other drugs being present.

This is the death certificate for Perry:

Prior to his passing, close friends of Perry have said that the actor was sober and clean, and in recent years, Perry had demonstrated a clear desire to change his ways.

In 2022, Perry published his autobiography Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, candidly discussing his battles with addiction in its pages.

We will all be sincerely missing Matthew Perry, and I believe I can speak for everyone when I say that. Many thanks for all the memories!

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