Dad photographs daughter in front of giant horse, looks closer and bursts out laughing

Nowadays, practically everyone carries a cell phone about with them. It’s excellent because you can take images almost whenever you notice something intriguing, and occasionally your photos come out even more interesting (or humorous) than you had anticipated.

That is how the father’s daughter is depicted in the photo. He only intended to take a lovely photo of his daughter, but ended up with much more.

One of the best photos we’ve seen in a very long time is this one!

When she paused to take a picture in front of a line of horses on the street, this little girl had no idea she would go on to become famous all over the world.

The photo was originally uploaded by a user on Reddit.

There’s not much more information available, but it’s pretty easy to imagine how the photo came about.

Probably had a nice day with her family, this little child. At some sort of procession, they witnessed some large Clydesdale horses

Her dad or another relative might have encouraged her to turn around so they could take a picture of her when she mustered the bravery to pet the horses.

The little girl stood in front of the majestic horses and the person behind the camera said, “Say ‘cheese.’”

Talk about a hilarious photo!

On an account that has since been deleted, this incredible picture was posted to Reddit in 2016. It’s unknown if this is the first time the image has been online or if The Wolf 101.5 FM originally uploaded it.

It’s difficult to dislike this funny photobomb, so there. Tell your pals who enjoy a good laugh about it!