Clint Eastwood mourns the death of longtime mistress – pair had secret 14-year affair

Actor Clint Eastwood received numerous honours throughout his career, including four Oscars (out of 11 nominations) and four Golden Globes (out of 13 nominations). His performances in Dirty Harry, American Sniper, and Million Dollar Baby are some of his most renowned ones.

But in addition to being one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Eastwood is also notorious for having a fondness for attractive ladies. He has eight offspring together with six different women, which is sufficient evidence of that.

The actor is currently in grief after the loss of one of his greatest loves, Kimber’s mother, who passed away at the age of 59, it was recently discovered.

A long-lasting romance existed between Eastwood and actress Roxanne Tunis, who sadly passed away in June at the age of 93. In actuality, Eastwood and Tunis had a romance that predated his first union. He claimed that Tunis had been his mistress for more than 14 years, and their relationship had lasted their entire lives.

Her daughter informed Tunis’s family of her dying. On August 7, Kimber said to Radar Online, “My mom passed away after a brief illness.” She continued by saying that her well-known father had sent his sympathies to both her and his grandchild, adding, “He is just as sad as I am.”

Eastwood and Tunis initially crossed paths in 1959 while filming Rawhide, but they didn’t begin dating until 1964, while the actor was still wed to Maggie Johnson, the mother of his two children, Kyle and Allison. After 34 years, the marriage to Johnson came to an end in 1984.

Tunis landed a part in Eastwood’s 1978 action comedy Every Which Way But Loose when the two were still dating.

Clint’s full name, Clinton Eastwood Jr., appeared on Tunis’s daughter’s birth certificate, revealing their relationship for the first time.

Roxanne did not care about Clint’s fame or fortune and instead “worshipped the ground [Clint] walked on.”

When Tunis was in her twenties, she began to pursue a career in acting and dance. She also has a keen interest in veganism, meditation, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kimber claimed that her mother had a variety of passions, including painting, drawing, and travel.

When it comes to her acting career, Tunis performed in films like Take Her, She’s Mine from 1963, Blue City from 1986, Breezy from 1973 (which Eastwood directed), and Hang ‘Em High from 1968, which also starred Eastwood.

May she rest in peace.

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