Cat stuffed in paper bag, left in dumpster now safe thanks to rescuers

How vicious some people can be to animals is very upsetting. Too many instances of pets being discarded like trash have been reported.

That was the case for one poor kitten who was placed in a paper bag and dumped in a dumpster; however, some compassionate rescuers saved the cat and she is now safe.

A local hospital employee in Roanoke, Virginia, reportedly heard a worrying noise coming from a dumpster and called the cops to investigate, according to a Facebook post from Angels of Assisi, an animal refuge.

A Carilion Police officer arrived and peered inside the trash can. He located the noise’s origin, and the scene there was distressing. A paper grocery bag with a six-week-old kitten inside of it had been placed in the trash.

It’s difficult to fathom what type of heartless person would abandon an infant kitten in such a way, so it’s a miracle she was discovered in time.

Pictures depict the officer rescuing the kitty and escorting him to his patrol vehicle. The kitten, now known as Toby, was brought to Carilion Clinic for some urgent veterinary attention before being given to Angels of Assisi.

When he gets old enough to be adopted, he will be given “lots of TLC” in the foster home where the shelter later placed him.

It’s a sad tale with a nice conclusion. The officer and the animal shelter received a lot of praise for sparing the life of the cat.

“Nothing but a monster would do that to a baby,” one commenter wrote on Facebook. “Thank you all for saving baby.”

We’re so glad that Toby is safe! Thank you to everyone who helped save him!

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