Cat makes incredible recovery after being severely burned in fire — now she’s up for adoption

A cat that suffered terrible burns in a fire has recovered miraculously and is now searching for a new home.

According to a news statement from the Arizona Humane Society, Libby, a 7-month-old domestic shorthaired stray cat, was severely burned in a fire in Downtown Phoenix back in April.

The unfortunate cat apparently had melted plastic all over her body, burned fur and whiskers, and burns to her paw pads, ears, and nose.

She was moved from a nearby emergency clinic to the trauma center run by AHS, where she started the process of healing. Subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and painkillers were administered to Libby.

Her injuries were attended to, and she was also checked for any potential respiratory issues brought on by smoke inhalation.

She had multiple medical procedures while she continued to recover in a foster home after a month of treatment.

But now that Libby, who is 11 months old, has recovered sufficiently after several months of healing, she may be offered for adoption and has started hunting for her future family.

Libby has recovered so well, and we sincerely hope she soon finds her forever home. You those that helped her, thank you!

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