Carrie Underwood Shares Rare Videos of 5-Year-Old Son Sparking Online Buzz for ‘Following in Dad’s Footsteps’

Carrie Underwood’s youngest son, Jacob, celebrated his fifth birthday in a heartwarming family gathering, as revealed in a recent Instagram post by the country music superstar. The post, which included a carousel of photos and videos, captured the joyous moments of Jacob playing ice hockey with friends on a frozen pond, a scene that resonated deeply with fans.

Jacob Fisher on his fifth birthday as seen on Carrie Underwood's Instagram page in January 2024 | Source:

Carrie Underwood’s recent Instagram share showed the resemblance between Jacob and his father, former NHL player Mike Fisher, and it fascinated fans. One fan remarked on Jacob’s choice of attire, an Ottawa Senators jersey, highlighting the connection to his father’s hockey legacy. “Love that he’s wearing an Ottawa Senators jersey… following in his dad’s footsteps,” the fan commented. Another added, “I bet he’ll play ice hockey when he grows up, just like his daddy.”

Underwood and Fisher, openly sharing their family life with fans, welcomed Jacob in January 2019. This joyous event was shared on Instagram, where they expressed their happiness, with both parents and his older brother thrilled at his arrival.

However, the journey to Jacob’s birth was marked by challenges. Underwood faced significant fertility struggles, enduring three miscarriages over two years — in early 2017, spring of the same year, and early 2018.

In speaking about these difficult times, Underwood shared how she coped by focusing on work to distract herself from the emotional pain, emphasizing that dwelling on the issue would only exacerbate her distress. Today, Underwood is a proud mother of two, having navigated through these trials.