Caring Father Makes Daughter Miss Homecoming, Senior Prom & Delete All Her Social Media as Punishment

A disappointed father, who thought he had done his best to raise a „kind and honest” child, could not believe what his daughter had done to another girl at her school. The father punished her according to what he believed was fair, but his family thought he was too harsh.

Every parent hopes to raise a well-behaved and respectful child, especially during the teenage stage, where anything is possible.

One parent shared on Reddit that he thought he and his wife had done their best to raise their children to be „kind and honest” individuals, but he was completely shocked at what his daughter Sam had done.

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The father believed the offense his daughter was caught doing deserved a punishment that would make Sam think about the harm she had caused.

What Did the Daughter Do?

The father confessed that he found out that his daughter was part of a group of people that bullied another girl to the point where she switched schools.

He said the bullying also included racial discrimination, which left him and his wife in complete shock as they never thought their daughter would be capable of such an offense.

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However, the father wanted her daughter’s punishment to go beyond confiscating her electronics. So he banned her from going to her homecoming and senior prom and forced her to delete her social media in front of him and his wife. Sam was also told to forget about getting a car for her 18th birthday.

But out of all the restrictions her father implemented, Sam begged him to allow her to go to homecoming and senior prom since they were „once-in-a-lifetime events.” She also spoke up against deleting her Instagram account because she had old pictures she had not saved anywhere else.

But her father did not back down. „I told her that she shouldn’t have been a racist bully,” he explained.

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During this scandal, the father revealed that they had also been living with his parents as their home was undergoing renovations. The grandparents agreed that what Sam did was completely unacceptable, but they thought banning her from homecoming and senior prom was too harsh.

What Did People Think of the Father’s Punishment?

Since the grandparents believed his punishment was too extreme, and the father still believed it was fair for what his daughter did, he turned to the public to hear what they had to say.

Many commenters agreed with what the father did, showing his child that actions had consequences. But one commenter suggested he let Sam back up her photos before deleting her Instagram account.

Some Reddit users were triggered by Sam’s actions and opened up about the difficulties of being victims of bullying. People expressed that the emotional trauma of bullying often takes years to heal because finding therapists who understand the experience of being racially discriminated against was already difficult.

Commenters thought Sam needed to understand that victims had also missed once-in-a-lifetime moments because of that kind of brutal treatment, especially since Sam and her group of friends had pushed a girl to switch schools, leaving her with core memories of a traumatic high school experience.

Therefore, people who said they had been victims of bullying were proud to know that some parents took this kind of offense seriously, teaching their children the repercussions of affecting someone’s life to that extent.

Other netizens suggested that the father find out what the other parents did to see who condoned this kind of behavior, while others assured him that his daughter would turn out fine without a car or attending prom.

Sam’s father also had commenters tell him that he had proven that he wanted to raise children who were kind and respectful by how he chose to handle this situation and hoped that other parents were taking notes out of his book.