Bride Gets The Ugliest RSVP And The Internet Is Furious

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly turned many people’s plans into a bitter disappointment. Some people were forced to postpone plans they had been looking forward to for weeks, months, or even years. Many people used their travel savings as survival money.

Additionally, the couple had to postpone their wedding plans. Due to the pandemic’s restrictions, one bride had to remove a significant number of guests from her wedding guest list. She could only invite those she considered significant.

But then her aunt sent her an RSVP for the wedding, which made her feel even worse. On Reddit, she shared a photo of the RSVP, which quickly gained popularity.

Bride receives petty wedding RSVP

Sour Wedding RSVP

The bride in this tale was deeply hurt when her aunt Edith sent the wedding RSVP. According to reports, due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions, the bride had to be very picky about who she invited to her wedding. 2020 was the planned year for her wedding.

There was a lot of fear and apprehension in the air at that time, if you think back to it. She could only invite 50 people. In terms of typical wedding numbers, this is a significant decline. Aunt Edith was surprised to learn that the invitation did not include her boyfriend, Danny.

She sent the bride’s wedding RSVP back in spite because she was so outraged at the thought of him not being invited. It was now dripping with crude remarks. The bride made the decision to share the RSVP on Reddit. The internet was mocking Aunt Edith’s petty attitude as it quickly went viral.

Maid of Honor to the Rescue

The maid of honor for the bride commented on the wedding RSVP and added to her friend’s defense. She clarified that it had only been two years since Aunt Edith and Danny started dating.

Additionally, she added that Danny was “unpleasant,” to say the least. “OP’s maid of honor here,” wrote Art3miss_Gunter. “To clarify, the limit for indoor gatherings in our area is 50, due to covid. Aunt Edith is OP’s fiance’s aunt, who has been dating Danny for two years.

They have only occasionally encountered Danny, who hasn’t had a big impact on their lives.Danny is unpleasant and, at best, tolerable. He is not regarded as an uncle by them. Additionally, prior to invitation, each guest was informed that numbers had been drastically reduced due to COVID restrictions.

Bride's maid of honor commented on wedding RSVP post

Internet Sided With the Bride

One person commented on the bride’s post of the wedding RSVP with their own similar experience: “How dramatic!” they wrote. “I have a cousin who hasn’t spoken to me since I said he couldn’t bring his girlfriend who I had never met to my wedding that was at my house. My aunt (his mother) also gives me the cold shoulder even when I’m right next to them.”

Another person said: “This is just a win-win. I always hated the idea of being forced to invite people just because they’re related. Fuck that noise. A wedding is your day to celebrate. I purposely didn’t invite my racist cousin to my wedding and they haven’t spoken to me in years. Turned out to be a better wedding present than a physical gift! You should only invite the people who you think will make the celebration more fun. It stops it from being a stuffy formal affair.”

Then, another person commented on the wedding RSVP: “Good riddance. Easier said than done of course, but that’s not an energy you want on your special day.” Lastly, a fourth person wrote: “Oh my….looks like a bullet dodged for you guys.”