Boy, 7, praised for epic comeback in response to woman saying only girls wear nail polish

While older generations frequently argue against the notion that dresses aren’t just for girls and that toilets shouldn’t be gender-specific, newer generations have no trouble questioning these social conventions.

Aaron (@daddyfiles) shared a touching TikTok video that showed a young boy recalling being advised that guys shouldn’t wear nail paint.

The young youngster introduces the video by flaunting his freshly painted nails, which match his practice shirt for football.

Aaron, his father, says, “Looking good, bud.”

Aaron inquires about his son’s performance like any curious parent would. Before saying that another child’s mother told their kid that only girls were permitted to wear nail polish, the boy pauses for a little moment.

“And what did you say?” Aaron asked.

“And then I said your mom’s only mad ’cause I got more taste,” the boy said with confidence.

Aaron thanked his son for advocating for himself and then turned the camera around to make a strong point.

“Anyone can wear nail polish, even football players, even baseball players, anybody,” he said. “Let’s knock off the crap.”

Many TikTok users expressed their support for Aaron’s son by agreeing with him.

“Kids like this guy give me hope for the future. What a great dad,” one user wrote.

“Way to go bud! Wish I had that much confidence when I was in school!” someone else shared.

Another TikTok user provided a fascinating fact in the meanwhile., “in some cultures the warriors would paint their nails before battle as part of their war paint! looks like a warrior to me!”

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    Who said boys couldn’t have polish on their nails? If having painted nails is your thing, go ahead and do it! Stop enforcing gender-based restrictions on what people may and cannot do.